Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Slow Burn- Book Review

   I had the privilege of reading "A Slow Burn " by Mary E. Demuth for The Blog Tour Spot and the release of the book. This book is book two in the Defiance, Texas Trilogy. Book one was called "Daisy Chain" , which I also had a chance to review for The Blog Tour Spot.

A Slow Burn" is another book that I just couldn't put down. It focuses on Daisy's Mom, Emory and also on a character names Hixon. Both were in the first book but in this second installment in the trilogy we really get to know their stories.

This book is full of hope but also hard to read. The trials and tribulations of the characters are heart-rending and very real. But we do see hope through all the pain and suffering! God's love, grace and mercy are showcased in Mary's brilliant writing.

Below is more information on the book:

A Slow Burn....

She touched Daisy’s shoulder. So cold. So hard. So unlike Daisy.

Yet so much like herself it made Emory shudder.

Burying her grief, Emory Chance is determined to find her daughter Daisy’s murderer-a man she saw in a flicker of a vision. But when the investigation hits every dead end, her despair escalates. As questions surrounding Daisy’s death continue to mount, Emory’s safety is shattered by the pursuit of a stranger, and she can’t shake the sickening fear that her own choices contributed to Daisy’s disappearance. Will she ever experience the peace her heart longs for?

The second book in the Defiance, Texas Trilogy, this suspenseful novel is about courageous love, the burden of regret, and bonds that never break. It is about the beauty and the pain of telling the truth. Most of all, it is about the power of forgiveness and what remains when shame no longer holds us captive.

About the Author:

Mary DeMuth

Mary DeMuth is an expert in the field of Pioneer Parenting. She helps Christian parents plow fresh spiritual ground, especially those seeking to break destructive family patterns. Her message guides parents who don’t want to duplicate the home where they were raised or didn’t have positive parenting role models growing up.

An accomplished writer, Mary’s parenting books include Authentic Parenting in a Postmodern Culture, Building the Christian Family You Never Had, and Ordinary Mom, Extraordinary God. Her real-to-life novels inspire people to turn trials into triumphs: Watching the Tree Limbs (2007 Christy Award finalist, ACFW Book of the Year 2nd Place) and Wishing on Dandelions (2007 Retailer’s Choice Award finalist).

Mary is a frequent speaker at women’s retreats and parenting seminars, addressing audiences in both Europe and the United States. National media regularly seek Mary’s candid ability to connect with their listeners. Her radio appearances include FamilyLife Today, Moody Midday Connection, and U.S.A. Radio network. She also has articles published in Marriage Partnership, In Touch, and HomeLife.

As pioneer parents, Mary and her husband Patrick live in Texas with their three children. They recently returned from breaking new spiritual ground in Southern France where they planted a church.

Learn more about Mary at

A Slow Burn

Release: October 2009

Soft cover, 368 pp.

ISBN: 0310278376

Saturday, August 01, 2009


I can't believe today is August 1st! Where has the time gone? I have been in Florida for a month now. Monday I start my new job at a daycare center. My parents will be down to visit us in two weeks. On the 24th Julia starts school!

All of these changes are bittersweet. I miss my family and Brooklyn fiercely. The ache in my heart from missing my family and my hometown has not lessened. But I am learning to get used to Jacksonville. I found a great church, Celebration Church. I misss Christ Tabernacle in Queens too... but thanks to technology I can follow along with my church familia in NY via twitter, blogs, facebook and podcasts. I have been blessed to hear some of the sermons from Christ Tabernacle that I have downloaded on my ipod. The real faith sermon series is awesome. Check it out via their website

I also start my new job on Monday. I am going to work at a daycare center in downtown Jacksonville. I am so excited. I wanted to work in a different setting possibly teaching and now God has blessed me with the type of job I have been praying for. I can't wait to meet the kids I will be working with but I am going to miss my little boys. I have never been away from Joshua for more than a few hours. Now I'll be working 8 hours a day! It's going to be so hard. But I know God will give me the strength I need.

Here is one of my favorite songs of the moment by Israel Houghton. It's called "Moving Foward" Pretty much fits how I feel right now!

Oh oh oh yeah yeah....

What a moment You have brought me to.

Such a freedom I have found in You.

You're the healer who makes all things new.

Yeah, yeah, yeah!

I'm not going back, I'm moving ahead.

I'm here to declare to you my past is over.

In You all things are made new. Surrendered

My Life to Christ. I'm Moving, Moving Forward.

oh oh oh....

You have risen with all power in Your hand.

You have given me a second chance.

Hallelujah, hallelujah!

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I'm not going back, I'm moving ahead.

I'm here to declare to you my past is over.

In You all things are made new. Surrendered

My Life to Christ. I'm Moving, Moving Forward. ( 2x )

You make all Things new.

Yes, you make all things new and I will Follow You forward. (4x)

I will follow you forward.....

Friday, July 17, 2009

The J-Crew's new Journey....

Some of you know that our family nickname is the J-Crew. We were dubbed with this nickname because all of our names start with the letter J!

Well the J-Crew has started a new journey in a new hometown! About three weeks ago we moved from my beloved Brooklyn, NY to Jacksonville, Florida! So the J-Crew is now in a city that starts with the letter J! To make the J- connection even more ironic the street we live on starts with the letter J too! We went from Jardine Place in Brooklyn, NY to Jade Drive in Jacksonville, Florida. I feel like we are an episode of Sesame Street that is being brough to you by the letter J!

We are enjoying Jacksonville and trying to settle down and find a church, jobs and other new connections on this new journey we are taking. God continues to amaze me in the directions He is taking me in.

If there are any Jacksonville mommies reading this post, please e-mail me! I would love to know about all the fun stuff we can do with the kids in our new hometown.

I have so many entries to post. I have tons of book reviews to write and of course I want to start my weight loss journey again. We were without the computer for three weeks since we moved because it got damaged during the road trip (yes, we drove from NY to Florida in our big move!)

I am glad to be back online and blogging again! I have missed everyone!

This is J-Mommy Jessie signing off!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Fitness Friday and One Weigh at a Time

One Weigh at a Time

I stepped on the scale this morning and have to admit I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. I didn't want to see the number. But to my surprise I went from 182.4 to 180.6. A loss of 1.8 pounds. These past couple of weeks have been up and down but I am still motivated to keep going.

I have been keeping my food journal on my itouch but I am wondering if I should keep a written journal too. What works best for you with food journaling?

One more thing! Please check out There are some cool changes going on with the site. You can join us for weekly weigh ins, support and also get some great information. They also have a facebook page and are on twitter! All that information is on the sidebar of the website. I hope you check out the site! I want to thank all the girls for their continued support and friendship as I continue on this journey to get healthy!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wordless Wednesday- Memorial Day Weekend


Friday, May 22, 2009

Fitness Friday and One Weigh at a Time

One Weigh at a Time
It's Friday and that means that this morning I stepped on the scale. Here are my results: I was 179.8 last week and this week.... 182.4 :(:(:(: A 2.6 pound gain...

I have to be honest. I was binging this week. Whenever my time of month comes around I get the serious munchies! I do have to say that even though I binged it wasn't as bad as it usually gets! I was able to control my binging if that makes sense. I knew that if I didn't give into the cravings that I would go off and really go crazy with the food. So when I had the craving I gave in but had half of what I wanted instead of a whole serving.

I should be getting my EA Sports Active sometime next week! I am so excited and can't wait to start the 30 day challenge. My Mom is getting the fitness game too so she will be doing the challenge with me. I love doing stuff with my Mom!!! When I had my gym membership at Lucille Roberts, my Mom was one of my gym buddies. We both need to lose weight so it will be fun doing the challenge with her and motivating each other to get fit!

So my question this week: Ladies, how do you control cravings when you hit that time of the month?

Summer Reading Programs- 2009

Julia has really discovered the joy of reading (last summer she got her 1st library card!) and I have been looking into different reading programs to do with her this summer that are fun and free to mix things up a little for her. She has a great reading program at her school and I want to extend what they are doing in school during the summer.

Here are some of the programs I have found: 

Book Adventure is a FREE reading  program for children in grades K-8.They can creat their own book lists from over 7,000 recommended titles, take multiple choice quizzes on the books they've read, and earn points and prizes for their progress. Book Adventure was created by and is maintained by Sylvan Learning.

What is cool about this program is that there is a free component for parent's to monitor their child's progress. The Parent's Place let's you monitor their reading activities, track their quiz results and approve their prize selection. Their our tools and resources to help parents motivate their children to read longer, more frequently and with better comprehension.
Another great program is being sponsored by Barnes and Noble. You can learn more about this great summer reading program at Latina On A Mission. She has a great write up on what Barnes and Noble is offering with their reading program and again I have to stress it is FREE!

The Brooklyn Public Library also has a summer reading program. They are updating their website for 2009 so when I get more information I will post about what they have to offer!
Check your local library and see if they have a similar program for the summer. Also if your child doesn't have a library card, sign them up for one! They can borrow any of the books in the above mentioned summer reading programs instead of buying them. If they really enjoy a book you can always go and purchase it for their collection!


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, May 18, 2009

No Longer Desolate- Recap of Women's Fellowship at Christ Tabernacle

I've been attending Christ Tabernacle for two years and have never attended one of their women's fellowships. I finally got to go to one on Saturday and it was awesome! A great outpouring of praise, fellowship and healing happened that day.

I went with my Mom and my Titi Nilka. We arrived early to enjoy the free breakfast they were offering. Little did we know that we should have gone into the main worship hall to save seats first! But it worked out because we were able to sit in the choir seats on the platform! Best seats in the house!!!

The title of the fellowship was No Longer Desolate. The theme was healing from all types of abuse, including sexual abuse. They highlighted Isaiah 62:4 and 62:12

4 No longer will they call you Deserted,
       or name your land Desolate.
       But you will be called Hephzibah,
       and your land Beulah ;
       for the LORD will take delight in you,
       and your land will be married.
12 They will be called the Holy People,
       the Redeemed of the LORD;
       and you will be called Sought After,
       the City No Longer Desolate

There was great worship music and Oraia (a Christian spoken word artist- you can hear some of her work here) did this beautiful piece about being beautifully broken. I wish I could find it online but to summarize her spoken word she said that our scars can be used to help others like Jesus's scars have helped us, his scars gave us salvation and were left on Him as proof. I wish I could do better justice to her piece! It was powerful and gave me goosebumps and my tears were flowing. And this was just the beginning!

One of the many points that were made through a video presentation, Maria Durso and the main speaker was that abuse has long term lasting affects and affect not only the abuser but those around them for a long time. Our kids are affected even if we don't realize it. Sometimes we think we have dealt with our past but something will pop up and if we don't deal with it head we can end up hurting ourselves and others.

The healing process is one step at a time and as Maria Durso said we need to push through and heal from our pasts. Then we can start to help others.

The main speaker's story was so heartrenching but this woman's strength, courage and resiliency was inspiring. She was sexaully abused by her Uncle and by age 14 was pregnant with his kid. She had the baby after many attempt by the Uncle to rid himself of the "problem". He did not succeed and the story that unfolded was amazing. I won't go into too many details because again I won't do her story justice. But I will say this was her first time sharing her testimony in a public setting. Yet she was so natural, so raw and so honest. Her story was one of pain, sadness, joy, redemption, healing and forgiveness. Her words have impacted me in a great way. I came away with such insight and clarity.

She highlighted the following verses and I want to leave you with these powerful words from: Psalms 139: 13-16

 13 For you created my inmost being;
       you knit me together in my mother's womb.
 14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
       your works are wonderful,
       I know that full well.
 15 My frame was not hidden from you
       when I was made in the secret place.
       When I was woven together in the depths of the earth,
 16 your eyes saw my unformed body.
       All the days ordained for me
       were written in your book

What precious words to here!  God bless you all! The next Women's Fellowship is October 17th so if you are in the NY area and like to attend a Women's Fellowship at Christ Tabernacle keep this date in mind!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Fitness Friday and One Weigh at a Time

One Weigh at a Time

It's Weigh in Day! I was dreading getting on the scale this morning. So here it goes: I was 181 last week and this week.... 179.8.  a 1.2 loss! Not so bad! I thought I had gained because I messed up!
I have been tracking calories using's app on my Itouch. I can also update my weight on the app. I thought this would automatically update the amount off calories I needed for weight loss when updating my weight. But it doesn't! I couldn't find my Itouch the other day, so I had to jump on the computer to log what I ate and I checked the calories and noticed an update button. I was curious so I hit the button, and with the weight I had input, the calories went down! So for two weeks I was using the wrong calorie goal while logging. I thought I would have another gain this week... a week bigger gain! But thankfully that didn't happen! And I am so happy that I am under 180. I'm under slightly but still under ;)
I also tried switching up my exercise routine midweek. I love using my Wii Fit and My Fitness Coach but I also like exercise that incorporates dance. So I checked my cable's free on demand channel and found a bollywood dance workout. It was a 30 minute workout and it was great! I had fun and felt the burn! Today I think I'm going to try the Brazilian dance workout. I also want to see if I get the Dancing With the Starts Latin Dance Cardio DVD.

Starting June 1st I will be participating in the EA Sports Active 30 Day-Challenge! EA Sports Active is a new fitness game that is being released for the Wii next week. I'm hoping to receive the game sometime next week and can't wait to try it! Anyone else getting the game and participating in the challenge? I know a few people who are participating in this challenge already and they have gotten some great results!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wordless Wednesday- Mother's Day Edition


Friday, May 08, 2009

One Weigh at a Time and Fitness Friday

One Weigh at a Time

It's that time of the week again! Weigh in Day! So my results for this week: I was 180.8 last week and this week.... 181. No loss this week.. a 0.2 gain so since the gain is so slight I guess it's really like no change this week! I know why I didn't get a loss this week. I veered off course and didn't journal what I was eating. I indulged a bit this week. Hopefully I can get myself back on track for next week.
How do you bounce back after a non-loss week?

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

National Mom's Nite Out and National Day of Prayer

May 7th is National Mom's Nite Out and National Day of Prayer!

National Mom's Nite Out: the Ultimate Celebration of Motherhood

This is the first annual National Mom's Nite Out.

Here is some info:


Thursday, May 7, 2009 (Thursday before Mother’s Day)


Online, On Twitter, In Social Network Sites, In-home and In Sponsoring Retail Locations


The National Mom’s Nite Out is being orchestrated by Maria Bailey, Host of Mom Talk Radio and author of “The Ultimate Mom Book” as well as top Mom Websites,,, and

I will probably participate on twitter because Hubby has to work that night :(

This is the 58th annual National Day of Prayer. Check out a little history about this day.

Here are some of the events taking place:

For more info on the events go here.

So enjoy both these great events on May 7th!

Wordless Wednesday

My Diva waiting to take pictures for dance class

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

5 Minutes for Mom Mother's Day Giveaways

Mothers Day 2009

Head on over to 5 Minutes for Mom and check out all the great giveaways they have for Mother's Day! I personally would love to win the Toshiba Protege laptop! Good luck to everyone!

Latino Book Month Giveaway

Hachette Books is hosting a giveaway for Latino Book Month. I love reading books by fellow Latinos and the five books being offered for this giveaway look awesome!

Please leave me a comment about your favorite book and how you personally identified with the book. Please include your e-mail address in your comment. I will choose a winner at random on Friday May 8th at 12PM. Good luck! (I can only pick winners from U.S. and Canada, no PO boxes please!)

This is the list of the five book set a lucky winner will receive:




Monday, May 04, 2009

We have a winner... Mother's Day Giveaway

First I want to thank everyone who entered my first giveaway for their great comments! I love all the comments that were shared :) All your memories were great!

And now for the winner. I used to find a winner and the winner is ... silverhartgirl! Congrats! I will be contacting you via e-mail for your information so I can get the books to you.

I will be posting another giveaway from Hachette books this week!

Friday, May 01, 2009

One Weigh at a Time and Fitness Friday

One Weigh at a Time

It's that time of the week again! Weigh in Day! So my results for this week: I was 182.6 last week and this week.... 180.8! 1.8 pounds down, just shy of my 2 pound goal for the week. Not bad :)
Hope everyone else is doing well. I feel my clothes getting looser and I am making way better food choices than before. And I have not touched soda except for having some ginger ale this week when I got hit by a stomach bug. Sometimes we  have to look at our non-scale victories too! Do you have any non-scale related victories for this week? Please share.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mother's Day Giveaway

I am so excited! I am hosting my first giveaway from Hachette Books.

Please leave me a comment with your favorite Mother's Day memory and I will pick a winner at random on Monday, May 4th.

The winner will win a set of the following five books:

Miracles of Motherhood By June Cotner

Odd Mom Out By Jane Porter

Mommy Grace By Sheila Schuller Coleman


  Beginner's Greek By James Collins 

 The Road Home By Rose Tremain

So don't forget to leave me a comment about your favorite Mother's Day memory for you chance to win. I will announce the winner picked at random on Monday, May 4th. Good luck and stay tuned for another giveaway next week!

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