Friday, May 15, 2009

Fitness Friday and One Weigh at a Time

One Weigh at a Time

It's Weigh in Day! I was dreading getting on the scale this morning. So here it goes: I was 181 last week and this week.... 179.8.  a 1.2 loss! Not so bad! I thought I had gained because I messed up!
I have been tracking calories using's app on my Itouch. I can also update my weight on the app. I thought this would automatically update the amount off calories I needed for weight loss when updating my weight. But it doesn't! I couldn't find my Itouch the other day, so I had to jump on the computer to log what I ate and I checked the calories and noticed an update button. I was curious so I hit the button, and with the weight I had input, the calories went down! So for two weeks I was using the wrong calorie goal while logging. I thought I would have another gain this week... a week bigger gain! But thankfully that didn't happen! And I am so happy that I am under 180. I'm under slightly but still under ;)
I also tried switching up my exercise routine midweek. I love using my Wii Fit and My Fitness Coach but I also like exercise that incorporates dance. So I checked my cable's free on demand channel and found a bollywood dance workout. It was a 30 minute workout and it was great! I had fun and felt the burn! Today I think I'm going to try the Brazilian dance workout. I also want to see if I get the Dancing With the Starts Latin Dance Cardio DVD.

Starting June 1st I will be participating in the EA Sports Active 30 Day-Challenge! EA Sports Active is a new fitness game that is being released for the Wii next week. I'm hoping to receive the game sometime next week and can't wait to try it! Anyone else getting the game and participating in the challenge? I know a few people who are participating in this challenge already and they have gotten some great results!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wordless Wednesday- Mother's Day Edition


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