Friday, May 22, 2009

Fitness Friday and One Weigh at a Time

One Weigh at a Time
It's Friday and that means that this morning I stepped on the scale. Here are my results: I was 179.8 last week and this week.... 182.4 :(:(:(: A 2.6 pound gain...

I have to be honest. I was binging this week. Whenever my time of month comes around I get the serious munchies! I do have to say that even though I binged it wasn't as bad as it usually gets! I was able to control my binging if that makes sense. I knew that if I didn't give into the cravings that I would go off and really go crazy with the food. So when I had the craving I gave in but had half of what I wanted instead of a whole serving.

I should be getting my EA Sports Active sometime next week! I am so excited and can't wait to start the 30 day challenge. My Mom is getting the fitness game too so she will be doing the challenge with me. I love doing stuff with my Mom!!! When I had my gym membership at Lucille Roberts, my Mom was one of my gym buddies. We both need to lose weight so it will be fun doing the challenge with her and motivating each other to get fit!

So my question this week: Ladies, how do you control cravings when you hit that time of the month?


Pam said...

i'm the same when it comes to that 'time' tho i don't technically have it cos of surgery. pms still there tho. i always want lots of soda and sweets/chocolate. hate that. probably the best thing for sweet cravings is to eat fruit. i have a bag of frozen fruit that i've been eating.

ea active is kicking my a$$. my calves have been hurting so bad for two days now. i know i need to go do today's, but the pain is making me dread it lol i'll have to push through. no pain no gain right? lol

Unknown said...

err I dont know how to fight those cravings...I am trying to just keep healthier options around. It is a hard thing for me too! I was so close to binging last night...I had the chips sitting on the end table..walked away...and came back and took one small handful and put the bag back...I wasnt so good a few days ago though and ate from the bag! Sometimes I just dont know why I do it!

Ms. Latina said...

This is one of my greatest challenges- binging during that mthly time. I always seem to gain about 5 lbs but I think I also use it as an excuse to binge =)
I don't have the EA challenge but I have the Jillian Michaels - 30 Day Shred. I did it one day only and like Ciara the pain made me stop LOL I know I know I have to get back on the bandwagon because instead of losing I have been gaining Ughhhh

Jessie said...

It is really hard to control those time of the month cravings! But I like the ideas you ladies have given me.

Sorry I'm behind on responding to comments. Have to come up with a better way to keep up on the feedback!

As always thanks for the feedback and support. Keep up the good work with the progress you have been making!

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