Friday, May 22, 2009

Summer Reading Programs- 2009

Julia has really discovered the joy of reading (last summer she got her 1st library card!) and I have been looking into different reading programs to do with her this summer that are fun and free to mix things up a little for her. She has a great reading program at her school and I want to extend what they are doing in school during the summer.

Here are some of the programs I have found: 

Book Adventure is a FREE reading  program for children in grades K-8.They can creat their own book lists from over 7,000 recommended titles, take multiple choice quizzes on the books they've read, and earn points and prizes for their progress. Book Adventure was created by and is maintained by Sylvan Learning.

What is cool about this program is that there is a free component for parent's to monitor their child's progress. The Parent's Place let's you monitor their reading activities, track their quiz results and approve their prize selection. Their our tools and resources to help parents motivate their children to read longer, more frequently and with better comprehension.
Another great program is being sponsored by Barnes and Noble. You can learn more about this great summer reading program at Latina On A Mission. She has a great write up on what Barnes and Noble is offering with their reading program and again I have to stress it is FREE!

The Brooklyn Public Library also has a summer reading program. They are updating their website for 2009 so when I get more information I will post about what they have to offer!
Check your local library and see if they have a similar program for the summer. Also if your child doesn't have a library card, sign them up for one! They can borrow any of the books in the above mentioned summer reading programs instead of buying them. If they really enjoy a book you can always go and purchase it for their collection!



Ms. Latina said...

Thank you for linking back to me! Like you, I searched because I have to keep my youngest motivated. He's doesn't really like to read too much and to be honest I don't have time to take him to the library during the week and now its closed on weekends cause of budget cuts. I'm going tomorrow to B&N so we can start on it now while he is siked about the free book. Hope it works! Good luck with your daughter!

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