Thursday, June 12, 2008

Last night I think Hubby thought our mattress had magically turned into a tempurpedic mattress! He put a nearly full glass of fruit punch with ice on the mattress. It had to be about 2 AM (he is having trouble sleeping) I was asleep with the 2 boys who are sleeping in the bed with us (for the air conditioning) So I woke up when I heard Jr. screaming. I was groggy and heard Hubby say that juice was spilled on the bed. Wasn't quite sure I had heard right when I felt cold, wet and sticky and jumped out of bed with Joshua. Hubby already had Jr. out of bed. Poor Jr.'s head was soaked with fruit punch!!! It was no fun soaking up all that liquid. We didn't want to rush Jr. into the shower and traumatize him more, so we dried off his hair as best as we could and decided to give him a bath in the morning. We also had to flip the mattress over. I asked Hubby how all that juice spilled on the bed and that is when he sheepishly replied that he had put the cup of juice on the mattress. I swear he is like having a 4th kid!

My Diva turned 7.(6/8/01)

Julia has been busy this week! She turned 7 on Sunday, participated in her first jog-a-thon on Monday and had dress rehearsal for her dance recital on Wednesday.

The jog-a-thon was for her school and it was during on of the hottest days of the year! It was a sweltering day but my diva was able to complete one whole lap of the race track! I don't think I could have done half a lap in that heat! I was wilting just standing in the sun handing out water to the little runners. Those kids were awesome! Some of them did 8 laps! I left with a sun burn but lots of pride in Julia and her schoolmates!

Dress rehearsal went well! Can't wait for her recital next week. She looked so cute on stage! I got emotional just watching the rehearsal so I wonder how I'll be on the day of the recital.... have to remember to bring lots of tissue!

We are holding her birthday party this weekend. She is having a Hannah Montana theme party. She is very excited about it, has talked non-stop about her party for months . I can't believe she is 7 already . Still feels like we just bought her home from the hospital. She has grown up so fast and amazes me everyday with her growing intellect. Next week is her last week of 1st grade. How did the time go by so fast?

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