Saturday, May 17, 2008

I haven't had any time this past week to do much online! We are all still trying to get adjusted to hubby's new hours. So this is sort of an update all on the happenings of the week. :)

Mother's Day was lots of fun. Me and my Mom went to a special service at our church that was in honor of our special day. It was nice to spend time with my Mom and the service was both funny and poignant. I'm so glad we went :) The pastor gave flowers to a Mom who was the "newest Mom", a Mom who had the most kids and to a Mom who had been a Mommy for the longest. I thought that was very sweet. They also did a special presentation for the pastor's wife and did a beautiful video montage set to "A Song for Mama" by Boyz II Men.

When we got home from the service I brought the kid's over to my Mom's house and we surprised her with her gift, an Ipod! Julia got me this beautiful Mommy bracelet and she also made me a nice card at school. Joey gave me this beautiful card that actually matched my bible perfectly. It had a matching bookmark which is in my bible right now that says, "Her faith is an inspiration, her wisdom is a guide, her love is a blessing." I was so moved by those words and that he chose that particular card.

Julia went on her first class trip on Wednesday!They went to the Queens zoo. She was so excited. She has always wanted to go on a yellow school bus for some reason... I'm sure when she gets older she won't feel the same way about the "cheese bus" The highlight of the trip for her was going on the merry-go-round and seeing the swans. She said she wanted to be a swan because they are so beautiful. :)

Hubby got me a late Mommy's day gift. He surprised me with an Itouch! I've been playing around with it and having fun listening to my music. I just have to figure out how to get the wi-fi to work.

My boys are as rambunctious as ever. I think they are helping me to lose weight because I chase them around the house all day! I'm constantly taking them down for something they have climbed on top of or chasing them through the apartment to take something away from them.

I hope everyone enjoyed Mother's Day! :) I will try to write more often this week!

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