Friday, September 19, 2008

Beauty Exposed- Pink Collar Club

Check out this website to find out about the 8 free events they are hosting:

Calendar of Events

September 2008

The Language Of Beauty

October 2008

Do You See What He Sees?

November 2008

She Says...He Says

December 2008

No Event

January 2009

The Fragrance Of A Woman

February 2009

She Hungers...She Thirsts

March 2009

Awaken, She-Child!

April 2009

Her Holy Intuition

May 2009

Inner Beauty Pageant

Cost: Free

"More Than Just a Catch"- DAvid Tyree

I must confess that even though I've always been a NY Giants fan, I have not always been a football fan. I always found it kinda boring and always watched the Super Bowl for the commercials. This was of course before last year's Super Bowl and the NY Giants phenomenal win against an undefeated team! We were the underdogs but we pulled it out thanks to amazing plays like the one by David Tyree!!! I was so drawn into that game and every play. I got hooked!

David Tyree has a new book coming out about his life story called "More Than Just a Catch". It talks about his struggles and triumphs and his strong faith and belief in God. I can't wait to pick up this book!

Here is a clip of him speaking at Battlecry (an Christian event for Youth that was held in NJ earlier this year):

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Taking it off Together #14

After weeks of the scale not budging, the scale finally moved but in the wrong direction! 3 pound gain this week!!! It's very frustrating but I found a meal plan that I am going to follow and hopefully see some results. It's free to sign up for this program by Dr. Ian of Celebrity Fit Club fame. It's called The 50 Million Pound Challenge.

This program has a free 30 day meal plan, an online journal, online weight and activity tracker. The cool thing about the meal plan is that you get a shopping list and can set it up to email you your meal plan daily. It also has a list of healthy snacks. This program is geared towards the African-American Community but it's free for anyone to sign up and use! I'm excited about finding this and can't wait to see the results!
Below is the official Taking it off Together Tuesday report! Congrats to all!
We currently have a contest where everyone who reported a LOSS had their name added to a drawing for a lot of 100 Mary Kay samples! And since I currently don't have any other prizes, we will have the same contest this week. Just remember that maintaining doesn't count, sorry! Also, if you have a prize to donate that would be GREAT!! Just let me know!
The names of this week's "losers" were dropped into a coffee cup and this week's WINNER is">Dette>!">Chris> - 1 LOSS">Tammy> - 0.5 GAIN">Life With Hashi-Thyroid Blog - no report">Grace> - 3.8 LOSS">Leigh> - 0.5 LOSS">Clara> - No Change">Dette> - 1.5 LOSS">Julie> - No Change">Cheryl</a> - No Change">Audrey> - no report">Christy> - 1.4 LOSS">Tina> - 0.5 GAIN">Danielle - No Change">Jessie - 3 GAIN">Steph - no report
This week's total - 4.2 LOSS!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Brady's Blankets

I wanted to let everyone know about this great charity I found through minutes for Making a Difference

This organization makes fleece blankets for babies and children that are in intensive care. They are asking for anyone who would like to participate to make some fleece blankets and send them to the organization so they can donate them to various hospital NICU's and PICU's

This is some information about Brady's Smile:

“On March 16, 2006, Brady Blaine Hinton was born at St. Vincent’s hospital in Bridgeport, CT. He passed away two years later on March 16, 2008, his 2nd birthday. In between those dates, Brady endured a life complicated by intricate medical conditions. Through everything his little body endured, he never stopped smiling. He beamed from ear-to-ear when listening to music and experiencing the brightest of lights. He showed people that despite it all, you can maintain a positive attitude.

Having spent so much time in an ICU with Brady, we know how difficult and trying it can be on the child and care givers. Not a second would pass when we didn’t try to make Brady as comfortable as possible in the ICU environment, by doing things like filling his crib with stuffed animals, music and constant love. While Brady was in the hospital, we received a blanket from an ICU nurse, which we used to bundle him up every night. He truly seemed more comfortable in this type of material and he would grab the blanket and rub it against his cheek.

The Brady Blankets program will provide homemade fleece blankets to babies and children in the NBSCU and PICU. Fleece blankets help provide a “secure” feeling to babies, especially premature babies, and are very soft and snuggly. It is our goal to provide blankets to all babies in both units as well as children who are coming out of surgery. Each blanket will be tied with a Brady’s Smile ribbon and will go home with the child upon discharge.”

- Annie and Matt Hinton, Co-Founders, Brady’s Smile, Inc.

My neice was in the NICU for a couple of weeks after she was born so this is something I would love to do! I hope you will join me!!! 


I was honored with receiving the following awards from a fellow blogger- gin. Thank you so much!!!

I want to pass these on to some great bloggers I have been reading faithfully:
And I would also like to give these awards to the person who awarded them to me: gin!

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