Saturday, August 30, 2008

Fill up the tank... Day 2

I don't know how to drive and we don't have a car right now :( But I found this website to gather information about gas prices in our area. The highest price I can find on this website for Brooklyn is $3.89 for regular and $4.05 for premium.

Being a New Yorker and a Brooklynite the easiest way for us to get around is on the subways and buses. It is very hard to find parking and expense too!  The price for one fare on the subway is $2.00. I remember when I was a kid the fair was only .75 cents! But that is a whole other post....When I was working I would buy a weekly unlimited metrocard to save money.

Here are some pictures of us waiting for the subway:


Birthday Shoutout to my Bro!

I love you little bro! You may be taller and cooler than me but you are still my little bro by TWO whole years.
My brother is one of the most creative and talented undiscovered artists I know. He has notebooks full of drawings and they are all pretty amazing and this isn't just proud sister talk! He is brilliant, funny and a great uncle to his nieces and nephews and awesome godfather to my little Joshua!

I hope you have a great birthday Pete!

Here are 2 of my favorite pics. One of me and my little bro when we were little and one of him with Joshua :)


Friday, August 29, 2008

Final weeks of summer vacation

I have not been able to do a lot with the kids this summer but these last 2 weeks we have had beautiful weather and took advantage of this to give the kids a great ending to summer vacation!

Here are some photo highlights of the things we have done with the kids:

Rockaway Beach Pics

Prospect Park:

Authur Ashe Kid's Day at National Tennis Stadium in Queens, NY: We were suppose to stay for a concert to wrap up Kid's Day but Julia was too hot and tired from all the pre-concert activities we participated in so we left before the concert started. The pre-concert activities were so much fun and included juggling lessons, face painting, magicians, obstacle courses and watching practice tennis matches. There was so much to do and all the pre-concert stuff was free. The concert tickets were $5 each which is an awesome deal. If we would have stayed Julia would have seen Demi Lovato of "Camp Rock" sing. She did get to see her on the red carpet though so she was thrilled with that!

Bronx Zoo:

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Taking it off Together Tuesday #11

I'm stuck in a plateau and it's frustrating not seeing the numbers on the scale budge but at least it's not moving upward anymore!

Chris - 2 GAIN
Tammy - 1 LOSS
Life With Hashi-Thyroid Blog - 0 CHANGE
Grace - no report yet
Leigh - 3.5 GAIN
Clara - 4 LOSS
Dette - 2 GAIN
Julie - 0.2 LOSS
Cheryl - 0 CHANGE
Audrey - 2 LOSS
Christy - 2 GAIN
Tina - no report yet
Danielle - 0 CHANGE
Jessie - 0 CHANGE

This week's total - 2.3 GAIN!

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