Friday, August 01, 2008

Faithful Friday

I had such a great experience last night at church. Maria Durso spoke to the women in the congregation about sex... yes, you read that correctly! We spoke about sexual intimacy, marriage and how God made us to enjoy sex in the boundaries of marriage. How I wish that this had been addressed when I was young! She spoke candidly about herself and how after she was saved and married she had lots of guilt about her past sexual experiences when she was single and also the feeling she had because she was molested. But she said after prayer those chains of guilt, fear and sadness were broken and she was set free by God!

How awesome is God that we he can break those chains and set us free! I know I felt blessed and received so much from her testimony and preaching last night. I feel renewed in my marriage and I felt my own chains breaking.

The church actually did a 3 week sermon series called "Sexual Revolution" and yesterday was the cap off for the women in the congregation. The week before Maria Durso spoke to the men of the congregation. They are releasing a DVD of the sermon series and I'm hoping it will be available on the website so everyone can purchase a copy! I know I will be getting a copy at church on Sunday! If it is available on the church's website I will post a link :)

I think it is important that churches are addressing this subject because we our culture is saturated by images of sex and the images we are being exposed to are not positive and do not embrace marriage and family. It is so sad that the divorce rates in Christian families are almost as high as households that are not Christian. Families are being shattered and in the past all we heard from the church is don't have sex before marriage. I think our youth, our singles and our married couples need to hear that good created sex and marriage to be "very good" We have such high rates of teen pregnancy and other issues that plague our society because our culture says "Just Do It" without talking about all the implications and consequences that go along with making such a big decision. So sit down and talk to your teens about sex. Their are so many books and materials out there for us to use! And read the books out there about marriage and intimacy. Use all the tools God has provided for us!

I hope everyone has a blessed day and a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

wordless wednesday- before and after

Weigh in Wednesday

I haven't been able to work out all week so Weigh in Wednesday is on hold for this week! I haven't been feeling so well so I didn't want to push myself! I am at the same stats I was last week so I'm happy that I didn't gain any weight!

Hope others on the journey to weight loss are doing well!!!!

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