Friday, April 24, 2009

One Weigh at a Time and Fitness Friday

One Weigh at a Time

It's weigh in day! I went from 183 to 182.6. Not the big weight loss that I had last week but I know it's because I didn't get to exercise. I was sick all week and didn't want to push it and make myself worse. I am happy that I kept to my strategy regarding food this week. I kept to my calorie goals and journaled each day.

I would like to lose another 10 pounds by my birthday. I am hoping that I feel better so I can exercise next week! So let's see if I can actually lose 2 pounds by next Friday!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wordless Wednesday- Before and After- Johua's 1st Haircut!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Our Weekend- Baby Shower and Birthday Party

This weekend was so busy for us and despite all the parties, I think that I did pretty good at not overdoing it foodwise! I am proud to say that I did not fill my plate with all the different foods that were available to eat at my cousin's baby shower. There was two types of potato salad, a variety of pastas, pernil, pastales, chicken, and arroz con gandules. There was also chips on the table! I only had a little bit of rice, the pernil (roast pork shoulder-my Mom made it... couldn't pass that up!) a pastele (Puerto Rican tamale) and some potato salad. I did not eat any of the chips that were on the table! I did have a little piece of cake.

On Sunday we went to our niece, Tiona's 2nd birthday party at the Kid's Funhouse in Queens,NY. This was a really fun place! They have a toddler area, am main play area with slides and mazes for the bigger kids, video games and separate rooms for the actual parties. Jr. went straight to the toddler play area when we got there. We were 15 minutes early so it was good that he had something to keep him occupied because Joshua was asleep!

Once the party started the kids really had a blast. They had pizza in the party room and I was really good and had half a slice instead of a few full slices! The kids also got to make their own ice cream sundaes. Julia put so much whip cream and chocolate syrup on hers that you couldn't find the ice cream! Jr. had a ton of chocolate sprinkles on his and Joshua just wanted his ice cream! After the sundaes the kids went to this table filled with candy and created their own goody bags. They still had a ton of Easter candy at home so now they had more candy to add to their collection. Again I have been good and not snuck away and had any of their candy! I also passed on the birthday cake!

The kids got tokens to play the games and off they went! Julia got tons of tickets (the games were like the ones at Chuckie E. Cheese- you get tickets to redeem at the end of the day at the prize table). The boys spent the whole time in main play area with their Daddy. They climbed to the top and slid down all the slides. They looked so happy!

I would definetly take the kids back to play at the Kid's Funhouse. It may not be as big as Chuckie E. Cheese but it is also not as crowded. The kids were able to play without me worrying about losing them in the madness. And the staff was friendly and very helpful.

Here is some information about their open play times:

Your kids will have a blast on our playground!Our soft and safe toddler area is created for little ones aged 3 months to 3 years old. Our big playground will accomodate children from 3 years to 11years old. We have 3 levels of mazes and tunnels, a triple slide, a spiral slide, and more fun equipment. Children can play dress up, get tattoos, do arts and crafts, or play age-appropriate video games. They'll love the time they spend at Kids Fun House! Admission Open Play is available Tuesday-Sunday from 10am-8pm Open Play Tuesday-Friday costs $10 for the first child, each additional child-$5. Open Play Saturday & Sunday costs $10 per child. *includes 4 tokens with paid admission, 2 tokens with $5 admission

Also check this out: Come and join us for Spring Party - every Tuesday 4pm-7pm- face painting, tattoos, balloons, cotton candy, dancing and games- all included in regular addmission price !

And now for some pics from this weekend:

Baby shower:

Kid's Funhouse Party:

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