Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mother's Day Giveaway

I am so excited! I am hosting my first giveaway from Hachette Books.

Please leave me a comment with your favorite Mother's Day memory and I will pick a winner at random on Monday, May 4th.

The winner will win a set of the following five books:

Miracles of Motherhood By June Cotner

Odd Mom Out By Jane Porter

Mommy Grace By Sheila Schuller Coleman


  Beginner's Greek By James Collins 

 The Road Home By Rose Tremain

So don't forget to leave me a comment about your favorite Mother's Day memory for you chance to win. I will announce the winner picked at random on Monday, May 4th. Good luck and stay tuned for another giveaway next week!


elsa.odette said...

My favorite memory with my mom was watching her interact with my son when she started to watch him when I had to return to work. He was only 6 weeks old. I would go in to pick him up in the afternoons and watching her with him, made me feel that was the way she was with us when we were babies. She would not even notice me, it was just her and her grandson... nothing else mattered.

silverhartgirl said...

My favorite mothers day was last year. When my daughter my mother and I were all planting flowers together. We were in the sun dirty and having fun it was prefect.
silverhartgirl at

Belle said...

I'd have to say my favorite Mother's Day memory was the year my son was born - he was born two days before Mother's Day that year, so it was just an amazing Mother's Day gift!

deepsouthrunner said...

My favorite memory is Mother's Day the first year I had left home for college. I wrote my mom a card and thanked her for everything she'd done, and it made her cry. It was nice knowing I could let her know how great she had been even when I'd been a difficult high schooler!


Painter Mommy said...

My favorite Mother's Day memory was right after I had my daughter and we all went to visit my mom in NJ and my grandma had just moved in with my mom. Us girls had our picture taken and my grandma commented that there were 4 generations of girls in the room. It was so cute. My grandma just passed away so this memory is even more special than before. I will always cherish that picture of all of us together - my daughter, me, my mom, and my grandma. :)


auntrene said...

My favorite Mothers Day present for my mom was the year I took her away on vacation for a week. The previous month before leaving my sisters, brothers, and in laws and I had been busy shopping. While away my entire family took all of our shopping supplies and converted her Dining Room into a Daycare Room for her new Daycare business. Furnished, built cubbies for the toys, wall paper, painted.. Everything. We arrived at home on Mother's Day and my mom was beyond thrilled. She was so shocked and loved that Daycare Room.
thanks for the chance at these great books.

Norberto Kurrle said...

What a great giveaway! My fave memory is a picnic and planting my mother's day flowers with my toddler. I am so grateful to be a mom!

Shauna said...

My favorite memory is making cookies with my mom to take to families to cheer them up :) Please count me in! I would l♥ve to read these books! Thanks for the chance!

Diana D said...

My Mom has been gone for many years now but my memories are of a woman who was dedicated to her family. She was a great cook and made wonderful meals. When you got home from school there were homemade cookies and milk. I think there isn't much of that any more. Thanks for having the wonderful giveaway.

dianad8008 AT gmail DOT com

wendy wallach said...

My favorite Mothers Day memory is the first time my daughter made me something at pre-school as a gift. It was an egg case flower that she dripped paint onto and secured with a pipe cleaner, and she made such big deal when she gave it to me. Her smile lit up the room and she continues to make me gifts, at my request, to this day ( and she is 15!) I still have it in a vase on my computer desk.

madamerkf at aol dot com

Lisa said...

My favorite mother's day memory was the year my son was born (4 years ago). He was born a couple of days before mother's day, and I remember how surreal it was when everyone started dropping by Mother's Day cards. All at once, it was like "wow, I'm a mother now too..."

Jessie said...

Thanks for sharing all these wonderful memories!

I have announced a winner! Congrats to silverhartgirl :)

I want to share my own memory! Last Mother's Day Julia gave my a Mother's bracelet she bought from 711. It was the first gift that she went out to get for me and it touched me that she was so excited to give her Mommy something! She is such a thoughtful little girl!

Leslie S. said...

My favorite memory was last year.I have 4 kids so my husband had all of them put thier handprints on cardstock and framed them around a great picture of themselves.It was so beautiful and I cried.I wish I still had it but it burned up with our home last June.Thanks!

Ms. Latina said...

I wanted to share my best Mommy moment. My mom doesn't celebrate Mother's I am usually with my little family. That yr was extra hard since I had just seperated. I felt very alone. My oldest, then ten, knew how sad I was & wanted to make it extra special. He wrote me a poem and drew me a beautiful card. He then had everyone from his afterschool write something nice about me and presented it to me with a rose. He said he wanted me to know that although our family was small MANY people thought I was special, including him and my little one. I cried. It was the best Mommy's Day ever for me!

KR said...

My favorite ws when I was pregnant with my first child. Even tho he wasn't even here, it made me realize how blessed I was.


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