Thursday, October 09, 2008

Cheryl Burke- My Rant against those calling her fat!

I'm a big fan of Dancing with the Stars and one of my favorite dancers is Cheryl Burke. I was just commenting to hubby the other day while watching the show that she looks fantastic! I love how she is not stick thin and I told hubby this. We had this conversation earlier in the week and today I find out while watching Good Morning America that some people are calling her fat! She is in no way fat!!! How can you call her fat? Here are some of the pictures in question... you be the judge!

How is that fat? I think she looks healthy, sexy and curvy! This is the way a real woman should look! I wish I looked like that in a bikini! I am so tired of people putting down women with curves and saying they are fat! She says she is a size 4. A size 4!!! She says she gained 5 pounds! It is crazy to me that there is a controversy concerning her weight. This is why so many women have eating disorders and low self image. Why do certain people feel the need to tear down others the way they are trying to do with this very talented and beautiful lady??

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Army of Women- Join the Fight to Find a Cure!

I saw a report on this on "The View" this morning and decided to join the Army of Women. As a woman who has a family history of women's cancers, I thought this was important to join. I hope I can do a small part in this huge battle to eradicate breast cancer. 

From the website :

The Love/Avon Army of Women offers a revolutionary new opportunity for YOU to partner with research scientists to move us beyond a cure.
Breast cancer has been around for decades, but it does not have to be our future. We can be the generation that eliminates breast cancer by identifying what causes this disease and stopping it before it starts. This is your chance to be part of the research that will end breast cancer. Sign up for your sister, mother, daughter, granddaughter, best friend, and the woman you met last week.
Help us eradicate breast cancer once and for all. Join the Army of Women today!

Go to for more information!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

R.I.P Tweetie

I went to go give Julia's pet finch some more food and just found him dead :( This is her first pet and I don't know how I am going to break it to her that he has passed away.

Joey rescued the finch last summer. He was flying around the gym he worked at and he was able to catch him and bring him home. We nursed the little guy back to health and he has been a part of our family since then. It's so sad. I haven't even told Joey yet because I know he is going to be just as heartbroken as Julia.

I'm going to miss hearing the little guy's sweet chirping. :( R.I.P Tweetie...

Tackle it Tuesday and Tuesday Toot

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

I have tackled my living room! It wasn't easy and it's only half way done but I was able to eliminate some clutter and pick up all the toys that were making it a hazard to walk through the living room. So far now my feet will be saved from stepping on leggos and matchbox cars!!! I'm going to spend the rest of the day decluttering the computer desk.

I also want to give myself a toot for finishing three of the books on my Fall into Reading list! Now I just have to post about the books because all three were awesome!

Taking it Off Together Tuesday #17

I'm still maintaining. I was hoping I would at least lose the weight I had gained a few weeks ago but it's still there. I made the mistake of looking at pictures of myself when I was at my goal weight. Instead of inspiring to get back there I confess it kinda depressed me a little! But today is a new day! So I am happy that I haven't gained and can't wait for the week when the numbers start going down again!

Here is the official report! Way to go girls!:

This week our contest is sponsored by">Julie>! She is offering a copy of the Biggest Loser Cookbook as a prize this week! If you'd like to sponser a prize, let me know! We are currently out of prizes!
The names of this week's "losers" were dropped into a coffee cup and this week's WINNER is">Grace>!
Congrats to">Clara> for being this week's biggest loser of 2 pounds!! Be sure to cruise over to her blog and congratulate her!">Chris> - 3.5 GAIN">Tammy> - 0.5 GAIN">Life With Hashi-Thyroid Blog - 1.0 LOSS">Grace> - 0.2 LOSS">Leigh> - 0.5 LOSS">Clara> - 2.0 LOSS">Dette> - 0.5 LOSS">Julie> - 1.0 LOSS">Cheryl</a> - No Change">Audrey> - 0.8 GAIN">Christy> - 0.6 GAIN">Tina> - no report">Danielle - 1.0 LOSS">Jessie - No Change">Steph - no report">CYN - no report
This week's total - 0.8 LOSS!

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