Thursday, October 09, 2008

Cheryl Burke- My Rant against those calling her fat!

I'm a big fan of Dancing with the Stars and one of my favorite dancers is Cheryl Burke. I was just commenting to hubby the other day while watching the show that she looks fantastic! I love how she is not stick thin and I told hubby this. We had this conversation earlier in the week and today I find out while watching Good Morning America that some people are calling her fat! She is in no way fat!!! How can you call her fat? Here are some of the pictures in question... you be the judge!

How is that fat? I think she looks healthy, sexy and curvy! This is the way a real woman should look! I wish I looked like that in a bikini! I am so tired of people putting down women with curves and saying they are fat! She says she is a size 4. A size 4!!! She says she gained 5 pounds! It is crazy to me that there is a controversy concerning her weight. This is why so many women have eating disorders and low self image. Why do certain people feel the need to tear down others the way they are trying to do with this very talented and beautiful lady??


ciara said...

when i was younger, my body looked just like hers (seriously, lol) and no one ever thought i was fat. it's sad that society still places so much emphasis on weight, and if you're not a size 0, you're overweight. sorry, but real women have real curves, right??

Jessie said...

amen! I think she has a great body and that is how a real woman should look...real women do have curves! :)

He And Me + 3 said...

OMGosh...if only I was as fat as her. She is drop dead gorgeous and one heck of a dancer, and by far my fav! I love her. She can shake it! I have never thought once that she was fat. Hmmm? People need to check their fat gage again. Good Rant...i am with you! I should be so lucky:)

Jessie said...

Thank you! If I looked like that in a bikini I would wear one everyday lol! Seriously people do need to check stop criticizing people for being "fat". I am trying to teach my little diva to have a healthy body image and all this media focus on size 0 being the "norm" now makes me so sad and upset for what our young girls are going to go through. There is too much cruelty and negativity!

Anonymous said...

This is a man's point of view. Men, we love women with curves. Breasts, hips, ass, we love that on a woman. So I don't know why hollywood tries to glamourize being a stick figure. because there really isn't anything sexy about being anorexic. It looks sickly. It isn't a good look. This is one of the reasons why half the world thinks we americans are idiots, because only over here would anybody consider cheryl's size as being fat.

Julie said...

She is absolutely gorgeous! Never ever would fat come up in the same sentence as Cheryl Burke ... holy cow! I love Dancing with the Stars too & have always loved Cheryl. Her personality also seems to be real. I hope all this doesn't cause her to want to lose weight, I think it would take away from her beauty if she became sickly like some of the others.

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