Thursday, August 21, 2008

Rockaway Beach

We took the kids to Rockaway Beach yesterday! It was the first time the boys went to the beach and we all had so much fun!

We gave the boys and Lulu each a small bucket and shovel and Julia had a sand castle kit. Joshua loved the sand! Within 10 minutes his bucket was full! Jr. had fun in the sand but he had more fun running down the beach with his daddy. He also enjoyed grabbing things off strangers blankets and staring at the bikini clad girls. He even danced to some reggaeton being played by some girls that were next to us. Be loves to wiggle his hips and shake his little booty!

All three babies ate sand! It drive me and my sister nuts but we laughed about it! They dumped all their goldfish crakers in the sandfilled blanket and ate them! At that point we gave up on trying to prevent them from ingesting sand! The boys did not like the water but my little mermaid Lulu loved it!

Julia spent most of her time building her sand castle. It as really cute once it was dine but it was marred by an obscene drawing someone drew in the sand above it!

When we left they all had so much sand in their hair and other places. Josh fell asleep on me on the train ride home. His little head fell over and sand rained down from his scalp onto the seat next to us!

As soon as I download pics from our beach adventure I will post them up!

I hope I can take them back sometime next week!

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B Boys Mom said...

Sound like a lot of fun. Do get some picture posted.

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