Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Taking it off Together Tuesday #11

I'm stuck in a plateau and it's frustrating not seeing the numbers on the scale budge but at least it's not moving upward anymore!

Chris - 2 GAIN
Tammy - 1 LOSS
Life With Hashi-Thyroid Blog - 0 CHANGE
Grace - no report yet
Leigh - 3.5 GAIN
Clara - 4 LOSS
Dette - 2 GAIN
Julie - 0.2 LOSS
Cheryl - 0 CHANGE
Audrey - 2 LOSS
Christy - 2 GAIN
Tina - no report yet
Danielle - 0 CHANGE
Jessie - 0 CHANGE

This week's total - 2.3 GAIN!


Julie said...

Staying the same is always good ... it's no fun gaining that's for sure! I am slowly losing ... but we will get there!! One day :)

ciara said...

everyone did a great job in just not gaining! :) it's been rough for a few of us this week. let's kick butt next week!

Chris said...

ah maintaining is almost harding than loosing! way ta go tho, hope you have a great week.

B Boys Mom said...

0 change is good. I have had many weeks like that. Hang in there and it will come off.

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