Friday, August 08, 2008

Where did Summer go???

Why is summer going by so fast??? It feels like we just had the last day of school and started summer vacation! Yet in a few weeks julia has starts 2nd grade... Where did summer go???

We got Julia's supply list in the mail today. Fortunately we have almost everything on that list because we started buying everything early this year! Last year we waited until the end of August and had a hard time finding certain supplies, especially the composition notebooks. Well so far we have all the folders and notebooks she needs. We also bought her bookbag and lunch box in July. She got a Hannah Montana backpack and a High School Musical lunchbox. I miss the days when everything she picked out was Disney Princess :(

We have not been able to do much this summer. Every time we make plans it rains! But I got Julia and my brother Marc tickets to go to Arthur Ashe Kids Days in August. It was a great deal... $5 per ticket!!! There is going to be lots of fun activities for the kids and a concert. I'm excited to take them! I'm dragging my sister along with me because she is visiting from Georgia with my beautiful niece for a whole month! We also have plans to go go the beach! I just want to make the end of the summer fun for Julia. September 3rd is right around the corner and then it's back to school and homework and studying and trying to get her out of bed to go to school!


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