Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Saturday was an exciting day in our household! Julia got her library card!!!! The church on the corner of our block held a back to school block party and the Brooklyn Public Library had a book mobile come so Julia is an official member of the Brooklyn Public Library. I was so proud when she wrote her name on her library card! :) She took 6 books out and has already finished 2 of them!

I remember when I first got my library card. I was so excited and felt so grown up signing my card! The library was always my favorite place to go. It was a magical place that transported me to world's where I discovered King Arthur, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Anne of Green Gables and other great characters and stories. I would spend hours looking at all the books I had to choose from and by the time I was ready to check out I had a huge stack of books! My Mom would always tell me I took out too many and wouldn't be able to finish them but I was almost always done with them way before they were due back at the library and bugging my Mom for a return trip to the Library to take out another huge stack of books.

The day Julia got her library card and brought her stack of books home, she was immediately asking when she could visit the library again! She is reading and enjoying quite time (as she calls it!) and it just reminds me of the days I had my head buried in a book and didn't want anyone to disturb me! I am so proud of her and love having an avid little reader in my house! I can't wait to take her to the library and let her explore :)


Anonymous said...

That is awesome your child loves to read!!!

Jessie said...

Thanks! I love that she has picked up the love of reading! I hope my two boys will love it just as much :)

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