Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Weigh in Wednesday

I gained 2 pounds! I went from 171 to 173!!! But I have not done any Wii Fit and I've fallen off the wagon and started drinking soda and eating sweets again :(

Also me and Joey are in competition for the klutz award!!!  I messed up my back and knee carrying both boys down the stairs. Plus somehow I cut my ring finger trying to catch the cutlery holder that was falling off my dish rack. It was a small, deep cut and now my ring finger is so swollen that I can't take my rings off. Then last night to top it all off, I hit the top of my hand on the plastic bracket that holds our baby gate up! This was the opposite hand of the cut and now that hand is swollen (kinda hurts to type right now!)

Poor Joey's injuries have been all ankle related. Last Saturday he twisted his ankle on the front steps of the house as he was leaving to go food shopping. A few days after that he twisted the same ankle again on the same front steps! During the week he has banged the ankle on the gate, hit it against a toy in Julia's room and had it stepped on by each kid at various times!!!!

We are both a mess but I am the only one that gained two pounds. He can eat all the junk he wants and not exercise and still stay slim and muscular! Ugh!!!!

Anyway I am not going to give up! I'm going to get on track!!!  


MammaDawg said...

I hear you girl - I gained 1 lb from the last week. You should join our Weight-Loss Club - we post every week and the support has been awesome.

If you're interested, check out the moderator's blog at - it's called "Taking It Off Together Tuesday."


Dette (AKA MammaDawg) said...

Ooh - I forgot to tell you that I post this on my sistah blog - Muthahood Crib. :)

Silvs said...

oh no!! This was not funny, but It is .. I hope the ring finger is better!!

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