Wednesday, September 03, 2008

chow time... Day 3- Blog Trip

Brooklyn has fast become a hip dining spot in NYC! You can find quality restaurants that are up to par with the ones in Manhattan. This became evident in 2002 when Zagat published the first guide for Brooklyn! I used to work for Zagat Survey and it was an exciting time when the Brooklyn Guide came out! With more and more young people and families moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn, certain areas in Brooklyn have become the "IT" areas to live in. When that happens hip shopping and restaurants start popping up!

This doesn't mean that Brooklyn didn't have famous dining spots before! Since 1887 Peter Luger has been the #1 steakhouse in NYC and it is located in Brooklyn!

Another famous place to eat in Brooklyn is Junior's. This restaurant has the best cheesecake!!! It is actually known as the "world's most famous cheesecake". People line up for blocks to get this cheesecake on the holidays. It's just that good! 
Recently I had a chance to go to an eco-friendly eatery in Brooklyn called Habana Outpost. They were hosting a back to school party. The line for the food was so long so I didn't get to eat there but it smelled incredible! Everything is recycled in this restaurant and they have a composting bin and a bike that powers their blender to make shakes! Customers can go on the bike to make their own shakes if they like. I thought that was pretty cool. The food is a nice blend of Cuban and Mexican food. They also have this awesome looking seasoned corn on the cob that they are famous for! I am definetly going to check out the food there soon!

We also have restaurant week (something that has also been a tradition in Manhattan). In March, for one week, a list of restaurants in Brooklyn have a 3 course special for only $23! 
Of course there is plenty of great ethnic food to eat in Brooklyn: Puerto Rican, Mexican, Chinese, Thai and the list goes on of great places you can go to eat in Brooklyn!
Have fun exploring!


Linda S said...

I would love to visit and check out all those cool places to eat. My aunt lives in the area, so maybe next year!

Anonymous said...

That bike thing sounds awesome!

Avyanka said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Avyanka said...

I have never been to Peter Lugers but I used to live and work in Williamsburg Brooklyn so I would walk by all the time - I hear its over rated ... but if you happen to be in Williamsburg go to Giando's which is down the block from Peter Lugers... its AMAZING Italian food and if you go at sunset the view is equally amazing since it is located on the water!

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