Monday, April 07, 2008

When did your "obsession" with the internet begin?

I've never been the type of person to stay in touch by calling. I don't really like being on the phone for too long but e-mailing and chatting online has always been something I like to do.

I remember when we first got hooked up on the internet. I bought a computer for my family when I was in college with some scholarship money. Me and my sibs needed one badly for our school assignments! We were still using a typewriter and going to the computer lab at school was too time consuming since I was a commuter not a dormer.

The added bonus was installing a little disc known as America Online . We all got our own e-mail addresses and discovered the chat rooms and instant messenger. Me and my Mom would goof around in the chatroom for plenty of laughs. It was all so new to us... it was the early 90's. Little did I know how much being online would change my life.

I was a shy and sheltered girl and once I graduated college and got into the workforce I discovered some social groups on yahoo. It was a way of connecting to other latinos in my age group. I thought I might actually meet some people in persom from the connections I made on groups like "Rinconcito Latino". But I never had the guts to do it! However I made some great online friends who I still chat with frequently. Still hope to meet some of those ladies one day!

Once I became a Mom, I gravitated more towards Mom groups online. I found forums to meet other Moms, share experiences and get advice. This was my intro to MSN groups and Yahoo 360. Some of the girls I had met online before when were single and trying to socialize where also now Moms and joined the same mommy groups I was in. It was cool sharing this new experience with them as we had shared advice about dating and even wedding planning before in different online settings.

I also met some new friends! This time I was brave enough to meet some of my online Mommy friends through a playdate group of working mamas. They gave me such great support and Julia got to meet some cool kids and do some awesome stuff during the weekend. We went to museums, parks, street fairs, and even a farm in Queens. We even had a few parties for the kids for Christmas and Halloween. Of course we also had our monthly Mom's Night Out! I cherish those times because besides finding a great network of Moms to hang out with, I also had some great one on one time with Julia. I hope she has great memories from those days!

It seems like I always find what I need in the universe of the world wide web. Now I am on Myspace and am able to stay in touch with family and to reconnect with old friends
like never before.

The net was also helped me now that I have recommitted my life to Christ! I have forged some amazing friendships with great women of faith on Cafemom. I feel so blessed to have "met" these women through various Cafemom groups. These women rock! They have taught me so much and given me great encouragement. The net has been a new way for me to fellowship and immerse myself in the Lord. I love finding podcasts of sermons and reading daily devotions in my inbox.

Now that I have found the world of blogging, it's a whole new experience for me. It's a new world of mommies and I have also found new resources for growing in my walk with Christ. I can't wait to see what else is in store for me as I continue on this journey!

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