Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Through the Years...

I love to take pictures. I probably have thousands of pictures on my computer. My favorite time of year for picture taking is halloween! I love dressing the kids up in their favorite costumes and taking them to different parties and trick or treating! So here is a picture stroll down memory lane of Halloween throughout the years for the J-Crew!

Julia's first Halloween-Angel Costume
Julia's 2nd Halloween 2002 Belle Costume

Julia's 3rd Halloween 2003- Cat Mask Costume (really was supposed to be a china doll but she refused to wear the costume!)

Julia's 4th Halloween 2004- Princess Fiona Costume
Julia's 5th Halloween 2005- Cinderella Costume
                                        Julia's 6th Halloween 2006 and Jr.'s 1st Halloween- Elizabeth Costume from Pirates of the Caribbean and Superman Costume

                                Halloween 2007- Fairy Princess Costume

                                  Halloween 2007 - Joshua's 1st Halloween- Yoda    Costume
Halloween 2007
                                  Halloween 2007- Boxer Costume
Halloween 2009- Batman and Robin and Alex from Wizards of Waverly Place Costume 

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Key 2 Free October 21st, 2010 (a21 campaign)

27 Million... That is the number of victims of human trafficking worldwide. Let that number sink in....27 million and we are in the 21st century. Its a sad but very true fact and it is happening here in the USA and all over the globe. Women are being sold into sex slavery every day. We need to do something to help!

There are many great organizations dedicated to stopping this horrendous crime. One of these organizations is the A21 Campaign headed by Christine Caine. On October 21st the A21 Campaign is asking everyone to wear a key necklace to promote Key2Free, a way to show awareness and help end human trafficking.

Please watch the following video for more information:

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

My diva is 9 years old!!!


6582428 On June 8th, 2001 at 5:55 pm I became a Mom for the first time to the most precious little princess, Julia Elise! My life was forever changed that day.

One of my favorite quotes is “Making the decision to have a child -- it's momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body."  Julia is my heart walking outside my body. She is the best of both me and her Daddy.

I burst with pride over how much our diva has grown over these nine years. She has a great personality, she’s so intelligent (A/B honor roll all year) and very caring. She has a a smile that can light any darkness! She is bubbly and talkative (ask my Dad!). She is also a great big sister to Joey Jr. and Joshua!

I was looking at pictures of Julia throughout her nine years and I wanted to share them. I hope you enjoy my stroll down memory lane! Happy Birthday Julia Elise! Mommy loves you!

julia sonogram



Me pregnant with Julia at my baby shower

julia 1st pics

  1 day old

 julia christening   



julia 1st bday

1st birthday

julia 2nd bday

2nd birthday

julia 3rd bday

3rd birthday 


4th birthday

Julia's_Bday_June_8th-_At_school_012-5th bday

5th birthday


6th birthday


6th birthday


7th birthday

8th bday

8th birthday



Julia_Pics_038 1st day of school

1st day of daycare


pre-k graduation


Kindergarten graduation       


1st day of school- 1st grade


1st dance recital

Flower girl pics:

ramon_&_iris_wedding_21 47b4ce35b3127cce99f90327ea6900000016108AZtGTZy5bti 47b4d608b3127cce99f909d46b2e00000016108AZtGTZy5bti


Water baptism 2010


May 2010



May 2010

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Marriage Matters by Tony Evans- Book Review


I recently read a great book on Marriage called Marriage Matters by Dr. Tony Evans. I read this book as part of a blog tour hosted by Blog Tour Spot and the publisher sent me a review copy.

The book is a very quick read which explores the biblical principles of how to strengthen your marriage.

I love how Dr. Evans explores the importance of the marriage convenant and uses scripture to back up his points. A lot of the points he made were very eye opening.

He goes in depth about what a covenant means and how the marriage covenant was designed by God. He covers three key aspects of what makes up the marriage covenant: Origin, Order and Operation.

One quote in the book that stood out to me was “Marriage is a covenantal union designed  strengthen the capability of each partner to carry out the plan of God in their lives”. So often we hear the term “helper” in the Bible when referring to a woman’s role in the marriage and we see it as a negative (maid, cleaner, cook etc.) But husband and wife are so much more than that to each other when we really explore our roles biblically and that is what this book explains.

If you are interested check out some more information from the media release below:


Marriage Matters
Marriages today are deteriorating at an alarming rate: As of 2003, 43.7% of custodial mothers and 56.2% of custodial fathers were either separated or divorced (US Census Bureau). One might ask, “Why do so many marriages fail?”  According to pastor and teacher Tony Evans, marriages deteriorate not because we no longer get along, but because we have lost sight of the purpose and prosperity of the marriage covenant.
Marriage Matters examines the nature of this covenant, or agreement, we enter into on our wedding day. This booklet provides the foundation for the booklets For Married Women Only, as Evans looks to the Scriptures to define what a covenant is, who makes it, and what the implications are. Chaos arises when we seek to do things our way—the need to align ourselves according to biblical standards of marriage is evident. Let the practical and engaging Tony Evans lead you in knowing just how much…Marriage Matters.

For Married Men Only
What does it mean for a husband to love his wife? Three things, says Tony Evans: a husband must be his wife’s savior, sanctifier, and satisfier. It is by living out these three principles that a godly marriage will blossom and flourish.

In For Married Men Only, each of these principles is explored and explained using real-life examples. How does a husband be his wife’s savior? By learning to love her as Christ loved the church. What about sanctifier? By dying to self and modeling sacrificial love, no matter what the result. And satisfier? By studying and serving his wife so he can fulfill her needs, just as Christ humbled Himself for our sakes.
First published in 2002 as Tony Evans Speaks Out on a Man’s Role in the Home, this booklet has sold nearly 40,000 copies. Use it alone or with the companion volume, For Married Women Only.

For Married Women Only
How is a wife to love her husband? By learning three things, says Tony Evans: how to submit, seduce, and surrender to her husband. Out of these three principles a godly marriage will grow.

In For Married Women Only, pastor and author Tony Evans explores these three principles in a straight-forward yet encouraging manner. He unpacks the touchy topic of submission and lays out the rewards inherent in this biblical model. On seduction, Evans looks at the quality of attractiveness and how embodying it can be pleasing to your spouse and to God. And with surrender, readers will examine why a wife is the perfect helpmate for her husband and how to combat attitudes opposed to God’s design.
Originally published in 2002 as Tony Evans Speaks Out on a Woman’s Role in the Home, this booklet has sold nearly 38,000 copies. Use it alone or with the companion volume, For Married Men Only.

About the Author:

Tony Evans
Dr. Tony Evans is one of the country’s most respected leaders in evangelical circles. The first African-American to graduate with a doctoral degree from Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS), he served as an associate professor in DTS’ Pastoral Ministries Department in the areas of evangelism, homiletics and black church studies. He continues to serve DTS on the Board of Incorporate Members.

Tony Evans, along with his wife, Lois, established Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in 1976 with only ten people in their home. Serving as senior pastor for the last 33 years, Evans has seen his church grow from 10 members to over 8,000 congregants with 100 plus ministries.

Dr. Evans also serves as president of The Urban Alternative, a national ministry that seeks to bring about spiritual renewal in America through the church. His daily radio broadcast, The Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans, can be heard on more than 600 stations daily throughout the United States and in more than 40 countries.

Through his local church and national ministry, Dr. Evans has set in motion a Kingdom Agenda philosophy of ministry that teaches God’s comprehensive rule over every area of life as demonstrated through the individual, family, church and society.

Dr. Tony Evans is married to Lois, his wife and ministry partner of 40 years. They are the proud parents of four: Chrystal, Priscilla, Anthony, Jr., and Jonathan as well as proud grandparents of nine: Kariss, Jessica, Jackson, Jessie, Jr., Jerry Jr., Kanaan, Jude, Joel and Kelsey.
Learn more about Tony at

Marriage Matters
Release: May 2010

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Shine 2010

Shine 2010

I attended an awesome Women’s conference at Celebration Church in Jacksonville, FL last  week. Shine 2010 was such a life-changing three days. I was stirred up to have courage, be an encourager, and to stand up and make a change in my life so that I can help others!

The line-up of speakers that God used to speak to me and thousands of other women was amazing: Lisa Young, Julie Hadden, Christine Caine, Jentzen Franklin, Stovall Weems and Kerri Weems (conference host), and DeLynn Rizzo.

I took pages and pages of notes that I still need to type up but here are some highlights:

Lisa Young spoke on night one about being reflective tools for the generosity of God. She encouraged us to use our God-given gifts now and not to save them for a later date. One quote that stuck out to me was “God doesn’t look at the better, he looks at the obedience”
Kerri Weems spoke to us about having the courage to fight! She said our place of safety can turn into a place of containment if we resist the call of God. She said we need to stand up to the bullies in our lives (worry, doubt, discouragement, depression etc.)

Her three main points:
1. Keep Showing up Despite the Bullies
2. Stir up passion  (stir up the gift within you)
3. Learn to love the fight

Jentzen Franklin spoke on nigh two. His topic of choice- The amazing discernment of women. His sermon was so powerful!

A quote that sticks out to me from his night was “You either carry an embalming spirit of an anointing spirit” This means we either give up and let hope and faith die in our lives or we have faith and live our lives with an anointing spirit and not give up! We have to keep fighting and praying for our families. We can change the atmosphere in our households by our faith. I wish everyone could have heard this sermon. It was that powerful!

Julie Hadden spoke on day three. She was the first runner up on one of the seasons of the Biggest Loser. She spoke about how God uses “the outcasts, the rejects and the unchosen” to bring him glory.
She said that God sees “the person in us that has a purpose not the person we see”. She reminded us that God’s plans for us are perfect and complete.
Her story of faith and her weight loss journey were very inspiring!

DeLynn Rizzo spoke about embracing change.  She spoke about the different seasons in our lives and how we need to embrace them. She said that God sees our potential and not our comfort. Sometimes we get too comfortable and we don’t allow God to make changes in our lives.

Pastor Stovall spoke about Rahab and the wall of Jericho. What a great story about a woman standing in the gap (literally and physically!) If you have a chance to read the story it’s in Joshua 2:1-21.

He spoke about how Rahab heard the word of God but did not see the miracles for herself. That she had faith from hearing and not seeing.

One point he made that resonated with me was that we are to “walk in the revelation God gives you and eventually your husband will turn around” It’s all about standing in the gap for our families and praying for them and showing them the God that lives in us!

He also spoke about how we all have the Proverbs 31 woman inside of us no matter what kind of lives we lived in the past (Rahab was a prostitute but she had faith in God) He said Rahab was an an example that the blood of Jesus covers all of us.

There was so much more to what Pastor Stovall preached that day! But I hope I gave you a good summary :)

Christine Caine spoke on night three.  She spoke about us waking up and hearing the alarm. She said we need to be a light to the lost and broken generation. She has a great organization The A21 Campaign against human trafficking. I am going to devote a post about this organization and a few others that were highlighted during the conference.

I can go on and on about what all the speakers said but you really had to be there to experience it! I hope that some of you can attend Shine in 2011. Lisa Bevere and Priscilla Shirer will be the featured speakers! You can preregister today!

O Me of Little Faith-Book Review


A recently read O Me of Little Faith by Jason Boyett as part of a blog tour hosted by The Blog Tour Spot. A review copy of the book was provided by the publisher.

This was an interesting read. The author is a Christian but writes about his struggle with doubt. There were many points in the book I agreed with but other points that I questioned. I feel that the book is very relevant because despite the author’s doubt he understands the importance in faith.

The tagline on the cover of the book says “True confessions of a spiritual weakling”, but I do not see the author as a spiritual weakling. I see him as a man who recognizes that our faith is built on our struggles and our doubts.

If you are interested please check out the author’s website,

Here is some more information about Jason Boyett:

O Me of Little Faith by Jason Boyett.

In O Me of Little Faith, author Jason Boyett brings you a transparent and personal account of his own of struggles with doubts and unbelief in living out his faith. With humor and frankness, Boyett uses personal anecdotes and a fresh look at Scripture to explore the realities of pursuing Christ through a field of doubt.

After three decades of knowing God, understanding Christianity, and living a Christian life, Boyett has come to the place where he can voice the tough questions and travel the road of uncertainty with blinders off, candor on.

The message along the way is one of encouragement: Relax. Rely on the grace of a merciful God, a kind father who realizes that his finite creatures must have doubts, should have questions, and will have trouble making sense of an infinite Creator. Ultimately, Boyett concludes that doubt and faith are not polar opposites, but actually work together, existing side-by-side.

Uplifting, entertaining, hopeful, O Me of Little Faith will strike a chord with you and any Christian who’s dealing with the uncertainties of living life in pursuit of a God who occasionally seems to disappear.

About the Author:
Jason Boyett is a writer, speaker, marketing professional, and the author of Pocket Guide to the Afterlife, Pocket Guide to the Bible, and several other books. He has appeared on the History Channel and National Geographic Channel and written for a variety of publications. He lives in Texas with his wife, Aimee, and their two children.

Learn more about Jason at

O Me of Little Faith
Release: May 2010
Soft cover, 224 pp.
ISBN: 0310289491


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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Check out the new issue of Soar Magazine.... Let me know what you think about my article and the rest of the magazine!

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Feeling so blessed to be a part of Soar Magazine team! Please check out the Spring 2010 edition of Soar-

Saturday, May 01, 2010

A glass of sangria...Alejandro Sanz music ... relaxing :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Psalm 73

Check out the following video by a group called Alert.


Psalm 73 - NLT from ALERT on Vimeo.


I love how they interpreted this Psalm! It has a great urban feel that will appeal to youth and to those that love hip hop. I love how God is moving through our youth. They are using their talents to advance the Kingdom of God!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Shine 2010 Promo from Celebration Church on Vimeo.

I just registered for my first women's conference- Shine! It's a 3 day conference being hosted by Celebration Church in Jacksonville, FL. The dates are May 12th-May14th. You can check out the list of speakers here.

I have always wanted to attend a Christian women's conference and feel so blessed that my home church is hosting this event. I know I am going to feel so empowered after this conference. I love how God continues to move in my life. Can't wait to see what blessings He has in store for me in the coming weeks and months!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wishing my little prince Joey Jr. a very happy 4th birthday! Mommy loves you!

Monday, January 25, 2010

I am.... Wonder Woman!!!

This week a friend posted the following on her status on her facebook page-

post a picture of someone fictional (or real) that you think best represents your personality. Be creative !!!!!!! Copy and paste this so we can all play along!

I chose a picture of Wonder Woman to represent me.

As a little girl, I loved pretending to be Wonder Woman. I would borrow my Mom's gold bracelets and start spinning around in a circle trying to turn from ordinary four-eyed Jessie into Wonder Woman!

Now as an adult I can see how Wonder Woman still represents me. Wonder Woman had an alter ego. Her alter ego was a buttoned up, glasses wearing, hair up in a bun, very responsible career woman. But once she took off those glasses and loosed her hair, she was a powerful woman who took on the world!

I never saw myself as powerful until recently. I may wear glasses and sometimes my hair is up in a bun. I may not be glamorous or beautiful but I am powerful because I know who I am. I am a wonderful mother, a good wife, a provider for my family, and most importantly a Child of God! By knowing who I am I can face any obstacle thrown my way. I can take on the world because I am Wonder Woman :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's Been Awhile!

It has been a long time since I have had a chance to sit down and post an update. I have been busy with work, the kids and church. I am happy to say that we are doing pretty good here in Florida. Things could be better but God has blessed us with so much since our big move!

Julia is doing great in school. She is on the A/B honor roll and she has become just like her Mommy, a bookworm! She is always reading! She loves mystery books and the American Girl books too. She just starting reading Nancy Drew books and I love it because those were my favorite mystery books growing up!

The boys are growing so fast. Both are completely potty trained. They are also talking so much. I can't believe that they will be turn 4 and 3 years old in March. Time is going by so quickly.

I am still working as a pre-school teacher. I am looking at my options of becoming a certified teacher in the county I live in. I have been praying for direction. I am not sure if I should teach middle school/ high school or keep teaching younger kids and get certified to teach in elementary school. My minor in college was in secondary education but now I have some experience with younger children so that is why I am having a hard time deciding which way to go.

I am also still trying to concentrate on writing. I have written two pieces for an online magazine called Soar. I am happy to be a part of this great magazine and the organization that it belongs to, CEFL-Center for Emerging Female Leaders.

I hope to have more to news to share soon! I hope to start regularly updating this blog too!

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