Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Shine 2010

Shine 2010

I attended an awesome Women’s conference at Celebration Church in Jacksonville, FL last  week. Shine 2010 was such a life-changing three days. I was stirred up to have courage, be an encourager, and to stand up and make a change in my life so that I can help others!

The line-up of speakers that God used to speak to me and thousands of other women was amazing: Lisa Young, Julie Hadden, Christine Caine, Jentzen Franklin, Stovall Weems and Kerri Weems (conference host), and DeLynn Rizzo.

I took pages and pages of notes that I still need to type up but here are some highlights:

Lisa Young spoke on night one about being reflective tools for the generosity of God. She encouraged us to use our God-given gifts now and not to save them for a later date. One quote that stuck out to me was “God doesn’t look at the better, he looks at the obedience”
Kerri Weems spoke to us about having the courage to fight! She said our place of safety can turn into a place of containment if we resist the call of God. She said we need to stand up to the bullies in our lives (worry, doubt, discouragement, depression etc.)

Her three main points:
1. Keep Showing up Despite the Bullies
2. Stir up passion  (stir up the gift within you)
3. Learn to love the fight

Jentzen Franklin spoke on nigh two. His topic of choice- The amazing discernment of women. His sermon was so powerful!

A quote that sticks out to me from his night was “You either carry an embalming spirit of an anointing spirit” This means we either give up and let hope and faith die in our lives or we have faith and live our lives with an anointing spirit and not give up! We have to keep fighting and praying for our families. We can change the atmosphere in our households by our faith. I wish everyone could have heard this sermon. It was that powerful!

Julie Hadden spoke on day three. She was the first runner up on one of the seasons of the Biggest Loser. She spoke about how God uses “the outcasts, the rejects and the unchosen” to bring him glory.
She said that God sees “the person in us that has a purpose not the person we see”. She reminded us that God’s plans for us are perfect and complete.
Her story of faith and her weight loss journey were very inspiring!

DeLynn Rizzo spoke about embracing change.  She spoke about the different seasons in our lives and how we need to embrace them. She said that God sees our potential and not our comfort. Sometimes we get too comfortable and we don’t allow God to make changes in our lives.

Pastor Stovall spoke about Rahab and the wall of Jericho. What a great story about a woman standing in the gap (literally and physically!) If you have a chance to read the story it’s in Joshua 2:1-21.

He spoke about how Rahab heard the word of God but did not see the miracles for herself. That she had faith from hearing and not seeing.

One point he made that resonated with me was that we are to “walk in the revelation God gives you and eventually your husband will turn around” It’s all about standing in the gap for our families and praying for them and showing them the God that lives in us!

He also spoke about how we all have the Proverbs 31 woman inside of us no matter what kind of lives we lived in the past (Rahab was a prostitute but she had faith in God) He said Rahab was an an example that the blood of Jesus covers all of us.

There was so much more to what Pastor Stovall preached that day! But I hope I gave you a good summary :)

Christine Caine spoke on night three.  She spoke about us waking up and hearing the alarm. She said we need to be a light to the lost and broken generation. She has a great organization The A21 Campaign against human trafficking. I am going to devote a post about this organization and a few others that were highlighted during the conference.

I can go on and on about what all the speakers said but you really had to be there to experience it! I hope that some of you can attend Shine in 2011. Lisa Bevere and Priscilla Shirer will be the featured speakers! You can preregister today!

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