Friday, October 03, 2008

My Little Food Critic

Last night I made some chicken breast with Italian seasonings and pasta with some sauce. I was very proud of myself for breaking out of a rut and changing up the menu. So I tried to give Jr. some chicken. He put it in his mouth, looked at me, and spit it out! I asked him if he doesn't like Mommy's cooking and guess what my little food critic said to me!!! He looked straight in my eyes and said "Ill...........NASTY!" I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time! What made me happy is that he doesn't talk much so him verbalizing was great, even if it was a put down of my culinary skills.

Of course Hubby laughed and agreed with him! It's not easy to get my family to new things for dinner. Julia wasn't a fan of the chicken either. I enjoyed it  but I love Italian food!  Now I  have a whole bunch of chicken and pasta that no one ate! I guess that will be my lunch for a couple of days! I need to come up with options that they will eat because I am tired of making rice, beans and pork chops!


Pam said...

i kind of had this problem when i first moved here to cali after marrying my husband. my stepson was used to fast food and eating whatever pleased him. if he didn't like whatever it was, my husband would let him get something else. i nipped that in the bud immediately. i said that the kids were NOT allowed alternatives to dinner. if they don't eat, they go snacks later either. it has worked out pretty well as my stepson no longer does that (he was 10 at the time).

it is one thing if you have really young kids (which it's far easier to give them 'kid' food: hot dogs, mac n' cheese, etc), but when they're too old. uh uh lol of course all my kids are older and i don't play that lol shoot, my 21 lives in vegas and apparently is becoming a great cook (he didn't learn that from me lol)

Chris said...

OMG!! LOL!! I have that problem with hubby. If he doesn't like it, he won't eat it. I got tired of frying everything but since I started losing weight and have been baking more, he has been receptive to the new recipes and actually likes them! :) Of course I still have fry every now and then but not as often. Keep trying, don't give up. They will come around eventually. Trying using recipes that are easy and fun.

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