Saturday, October 04, 2008


Moneyology a website and book series created by Alan Wolan is such a cool concept! 

This is the description of the book from the website : 

"Moneyology 1 teaches your child the basics of money: what it is, why we use it and the different forms money can take. Your child will be introduced to bills, coins, credit cards and checks. They will learn how to combine different bills and coins to buy things. They will learn how to make change and different ways to buy things."

I want to purchase this book for Julia because I am not good with money management and I want her to learn from a young age so she doesn't make the same mistakes I made! It's so important for our kids to learn about money and how to manage it, and with everything happening on Wall St. and with our economy what better time than now to pick up a copy of this book and get Julia and the boys started on their financial education.

Check out this funny trick the author shows in this video... I'm going to try this out on the kids!


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