Monday, July 14, 2008

We had our annual block party on Saturday. Its usually a little crazy because someone will bring out their deejay equipment and blast music so loud that the houses start to vibrate! When its that loud I take 
the kids inside because its no fun for them once that starts. But this year was different! No obnoxiously loud music! This year it was more of a family atmosphere. The kids played from early morning until night. It was just a fun day for all.

Since they close the street, the boys were able to run wild! They ran, played catch with their daddy and chased the neighborhood chihuahua. Julia used her new scooter. She also had almost every kid in the block on our stoop at one point! We had a bubble blower, sidewalk chalk and she also brought out her new magic kit! She had the kids on the block thinking that she really new magic.When she first came out in the morning she did her "magic" show for our neighbor Denise. I've known Denise since I was a little girl. She said she never wants Julia to change because Julia has great enthusiasm and is not shy.

I'm glad that the block party was more family oriented this year. It was nice seeing everyone outside grilling and getting to talk to all the neighbors and feel a real sense of community. The storefront church on the corner was nice enough to bbq and have snacks for everyone on the block and an ice cream truck came by and gave free ice cream to all the kids. Beautiful weather, community and fun for the kids... it was a great day!


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