Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Julia decided to experiment in the kitchen today. She concocted a big chocolate, syrupy mess and wanted everyone to try her "secret" recipe. We had to try it on ice cream and dip our strawberries in the brown goo. She made different versions. Some were ok but others were pretty bad! She was so into her creations and we tried everything and smiled. I found that she was using honey, two types of chocolate powder, Ginger, cinnamon, cloves and dry mustard!!!!!!! She raided my cabinets and just combined everything she found. Towards the end of her kitchen exploration she asked me about the adobo for her "special" syrup but I told her using that wasn't a good idea. I wish she would have asked me about the dry mustard!!! I ended up having to clean a lot of chocolate powder off the floor but my little kitchen diva had fun so I wasn't too upset!


Anonymous said...

lol - that is so cute! You are such a sweet Mommy - I hope if that happens in this house (which I'm not sure since they're all boys), I hope I have the same patience as you. :)

Hope you can drop by the new place sometime - I'll be closing the Dance of Motherhood soon...

P.S. You're also invited to join us for Scrapbook Saturday - we'd love to have ya!!


Jessie said...

Thank you! She wanted to make brownies but we didn't have the stuff to make them so we bought her ready made cookie dough and she had fun baking cookies :)

I'll check out the new place! I have to update my links. I'm so behind in everything!

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