Thursday, July 03, 2008


Lifeline- That was the theme for my church's sermon this past Sunday.  They showed a video clip of a woman drowing in the ocean and being rescued by the coast guard via helicopter. The synopsis of the lifeline sermon was that we, as Christians, are God's lifeline to those who aren't saved. Our actions and interactions everyday can be a lifeline to someone and the we should be aware of this daily. Have you been a lifeline to someone? Or has someone been a lifeline to you?

This got me to thinking about how we can also be lifelines to other Christians who might be struggling. I recently met a few great Christian women. I go to a very large church and sometimes feel lost in the crowd because I have only been attending for about a year. But a few months ago when I was standing online to put the babies in the nursery a lady came up to me and offered me a free facial through Mary Kay. I gave her my number and e-mail address and she promised to get in touch with me soon to schedule the facial. Little did I know that months later the promise of a free facial would turn into the answer to some of my prayers. I have been praying for an opportunity to work from home and also to connect with other women at my church and the call for the free facial fulfilled both prayers! 

Also I met a mom at Julia's school a few weeks ago. She actually drove us home from an awards ceremony at the school. She attends the same church as we do. We exchanged numbers for a possible double date. This is significant because not only did I connect with another woman from my church but I have also been praying for Joey to accept Christ in his life. This lady and her fiance could be Joey's lifeline! Joey is interested in playing softball on Saturdays' and her fiance is part of a Christian softball league that plays on Saturdays.

How awesome would it be for his to be led to the Lord this way? I actually bumped into her on church this Sunday and met her fiance (the same day as the lifeline sermon!) And she is friends with the Mary Kay lady and the Mary Kay lady knows Julia's teacher! Life is a big circle and God is awesome! 

I feel like I am in a season of renewal and promises revealed and fulfilled. This week I also got an invitation to join this group called Center for Emerging Female Leaders. When I started this blog I linked to Latina Liz's blog because I loved her writing and what her blog stood for (strong female leaders and faith in God). Little did I know that month's later she would invite me to this wonderful group or that she knows one of my aunts! God is truly amazing and I feel him moving in my life and showing me that my faithfulness is being rewarded! :)


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