Monday, June 30, 2008

Subway Series.... Let's Go Mets!!!!

I have not written much about my beloved team because sadly their has not been much to write about :( However this weekend was the last subway series in the old stadiums (both Yankee and Shea Stadium close at the end of the season to make way for new stadiums for both teams next year.) I love the subway series! It's the only interleague games I get excited about because of the cross town rivalry! Also however wins gets bragging rights in my household because hubby is a Yankee fan so we get really competitive over our respective teams!

Friday was a double header (1st game was at Yankee Stadium and the 2nd at Shea Stadium). Since I suffer from Mommy brain I completely forgot to put the game on at 1PM! Hubby had called me from work to ask the score and that's when I rushed to put the game on... I put it on the Mets had just scored to pull ahead 6-5! So of course I called hubby right back to gloat that my Mets were winning... He was quick to point out that if the Mets had been losing I would not have called back!

That 1st game of the double header was soooooooooo exciting! Finally I had something to scream about! Delgado drove in 9 runs in that game! He broke a Mets club record for most RBI's in one game! He hit the first grand slam for the Mets since I think 2006! He also hit a 3-run homer! The kiddies were jumping up and down with me and screaming too! I'm sure the neighbors really appreciated all the noise!

Unfortunately we lost the 2nd game of the doubleheader at Shea 9-0 :( But that was ok... Didn't take away the joy I had from game 1! Saturdays game was a loss (3-2 Yankees) but Sunday we won again!!!  Ollie Perez pitched a gem of a game and we won 3-1! So for the season we won the series against the Yankees :)

So for this year I have bragging rights over the Subway Series over hubby! I wish he hadn't been working so we could have watched the games together!


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