Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend was pretty fun this year! My sister came to visit with her hubby and my Lulie girl (my beautiful neice!). We also attended my cousin's wedding (my sister and I had to go without hubbies or kiddies)

The wedding was a great chance to get all dolled up. I bought this beautiful purple dress and some silver heels to go with it. I had my hair blown out and my Mom and sisters got their hair done too. They both looked gorgeous in their black dresses. My cousin was a beautiful bride and the wedding ceremony and reception were great! Me, my Mom and my sister were probably the first group to hit the dance floor. I had a blast! Of course my poor sister got stuck dancing with this guy who decided to channel Michael Jackson when a medley of the gloved ones tunes came on! He was doing the high leg kicks, crotch grabs and spins... Me and my Mom danced our way to the other side of the dance floor and had a good laugh (sorry Missy!)

Joey had Monday off, so we too the kids to Prospect Park. It was Joshua's first park trip and he had a ball! They all played in the sand pit together. We tried to get Josh to go down the baby slide but he just kept looking down. Jr. slid and ran and climbed all over the place. Julia proclaimed it was the best day ever :). That night my Sis and her family left to go back to Georgia. I already miss her, Lulu and Ben! Hopefully they will be coming back for Julia's birthday in a few weeks.


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