Friday, May 30, 2008

Jr. said I love you out loud and in sign language yesterday! I've been trying to get him to do this for awhile and he finally did and more than once. It was so cute! Josh tried but all he said was "I" and he kept pointing to himself! That moment almost erased the memory of the day before when Jr. and Josh got into a whole lot of mischief... more than usual!!!

We had to get a new gate last week. Our old gate was the kind that you climb over. Joey and this gate had many issues. For some reason he and Julia could not go over the gate without it crashing down. So Joey finally won the battle with the gate when he broke it! We couldn't go gateless because our kitchen is so small and it's easy for the boys to get into everything in this kitchen! So my wonderful brother purchased us this beautiful gate that you can swing open. The only problem was that within days of installing the gate both Jr. and Joshua figured out how to open the gate. So two nights ago they snuck into the kitchen. When I found them there was olive oil all over my kitchen floor and both boys managed to open the oven door and were standing on it! I almost had a heartattack!!!! Thank God they didn't get hurt. I immediately called my Mom and asked for the latch she used to keep the boys from getting into her fridge. It's a pain but that latch is on the new gate and now neither one of my little men can get in the kitchen.

That same day after I had cleaned the kitchen and secured the gate, I took both boys and Julia into the bedroom and closed the door. I figured that would end the mischief for the day... boy was I wrong!!!! The boys were playing on the floor next to my bed and they were really quiet. I figured they were just entertaining themselves but since they were too quiet I looked to see what they were doing. To my surprise they had makeup all over them!!!! One of them must have pulled my purse off the hook I had it on. I forgot all my makeup was in that bag from the day we went to the wedding (I had taken makeup to my Mom's house to do my sister's face). Jr. looked like he was David Bowie or like he was in a glam metal group from the 80's!!! He had gotten into my lipgloss and used the wand from my concealer to put the gloss all over his eyes and one side of his face...he was very shiny and very pink! He had also gotten into my blush and mineral foundation (which I had just bought) and the powder was all over his hair! Both boys had a variety of colors on their pampers. There was powder and gloss all over the floor! Josh had very little makeup on him. I think he was just a spectator to his brother's creative spark of the moment. It did look like a blood bath on my floor though! I rushed both boys into the bath and then had to clean the floor after cleaning them up. Getting gloss and powder off of them was not an easy feat!

This is not the first time Jr. has done something like this. A few weeks ago he got into his Julia's gold glitter glue and had smeared that all over his face. It was so hard to get that off him too. He still had some glitter on him when we took him to church the next day. Again he looked like he was in a David Bowie video. I wish I would have taken pictures of both fiascos but at the time I just wanted to get them and the mess all cleaned up!

I can only imagine how crazy summer is going to be once school is out. I'm sure I'll have plenty of Julia stories to post soon!


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