Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Little Bookworm...

One of my greatest joys as a Mom is seeing Julia read on her own! She has grown and learned so much since starting 1st grade. It's so amazing and such a blessing because reading has always been an important part of my life. To see her immersed in a good story and excited about delving into the world of reading is awesome.

She enjoys and is enraptured by every word she reads. And she enjoys journaling about what she has read too. Each night she is required by her teacher to read from a chapter book for 30 minutes and then right about what she has read.

The best part of her learning to read was when she got her new Bible from my Mom. My Mom bought her a beautiful pink princess Bible and gave it to her for her brothers' birthday party. She was so excited! She had been asking for a Bible of her own for quite some time. To see her so hungry for the word of God makes me so happy! That week she pulled out her brand new sparkly pink Bible and read aloud to me the 1st few chapters of Genesis. She did not have to ask me for help at all! I was so touched!

As she grows in reading, I hope to get her to read the books I cherished while growing up. I want her to read and enjoy books like Little House on the Prairie (I read every single book in the series!) and the Anne of Greene Gables series. I was and still am a proud bookworm and hope all my kids have the passion for reading that I have!

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