Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 years ago...

As usual I was running late for work. I had only returned to work a few weeks ago from having my first child. I was on the A train on my way to my job in Midtown NY. The train was taking forever to move from stop to stop. I remember the train finally moving and the doors opening at the next stop. A panicked passenger came on rambling about a plane hitting one of the towers of the Trade Center. We didn't believe him and the train crept on. It pulled into another station where someone else got on the train and informed us of plane #2 hitting the the second tower. This was the moment I knew it was true. Panic and fear filled my heart!

Our train arrived at Columbus Circle and I ran to my office. It was eerily quiet. I ran to my desk and tried to call my husband only to discover the phones were not working. I found my fellow co-workers gathered around a TV watching the events unfold in shock and horror. Moments after joining them, my body went numb as I watched the first tower fall. I remember falling to my knees in shock and hearing the cries of those around me. My thoughts raced thinking about who I knew in that area and I prayed for their safety.

In between watching footage, we all took turns trying to find an open phone line to track our loved ones down. I finally reached my husband Joey, on a fax line. He worked in a hospital/ nursing home in Harlem. He had to finish his shift but he told me he was coming to get me so we could be together. He walked from 126th street to 59th street to pick me up. The subways were no longer running so we walked back to his job. We joined others as they started their walks home in disbelief.

All I wanted to do was go home and hold my 3 month old princess. We arrived home after my husbands shift and I didn't want to let go of Julia. We heard stories of all our loved ones that survived. We also heard stories about the missing and later mourned the people who were lost. I write these words in remembrance ten years later. I will never forget...

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