Monday, January 25, 2010

I am.... Wonder Woman!!!

This week a friend posted the following on her status on her facebook page-

post a picture of someone fictional (or real) that you think best represents your personality. Be creative !!!!!!! Copy and paste this so we can all play along!

I chose a picture of Wonder Woman to represent me.

As a little girl, I loved pretending to be Wonder Woman. I would borrow my Mom's gold bracelets and start spinning around in a circle trying to turn from ordinary four-eyed Jessie into Wonder Woman!

Now as an adult I can see how Wonder Woman still represents me. Wonder Woman had an alter ego. Her alter ego was a buttoned up, glasses wearing, hair up in a bun, very responsible career woman. But once she took off those glasses and loosed her hair, she was a powerful woman who took on the world!

I never saw myself as powerful until recently. I may wear glasses and sometimes my hair is up in a bun. I may not be glamorous or beautiful but I am powerful because I know who I am. I am a wonderful mother, a good wife, a provider for my family, and most importantly a Child of God! By knowing who I am I can face any obstacle thrown my way. I can take on the world because I am Wonder Woman :)

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