Friday, July 17, 2009

The J-Crew's new Journey....

Some of you know that our family nickname is the J-Crew. We were dubbed with this nickname because all of our names start with the letter J!

Well the J-Crew has started a new journey in a new hometown! About three weeks ago we moved from my beloved Brooklyn, NY to Jacksonville, Florida! So the J-Crew is now in a city that starts with the letter J! To make the J- connection even more ironic the street we live on starts with the letter J too! We went from Jardine Place in Brooklyn, NY to Jade Drive in Jacksonville, Florida. I feel like we are an episode of Sesame Street that is being brough to you by the letter J!

We are enjoying Jacksonville and trying to settle down and find a church, jobs and other new connections on this new journey we are taking. God continues to amaze me in the directions He is taking me in.

If there are any Jacksonville mommies reading this post, please e-mail me! I would love to know about all the fun stuff we can do with the kids in our new hometown.

I have so many entries to post. I have tons of book reviews to write and of course I want to start my weight loss journey again. We were without the computer for three weeks since we moved because it got damaged during the road trip (yes, we drove from NY to Florida in our big move!)

I am glad to be back online and blogging again! I have missed everyone!

This is J-Mommy Jessie signing off!

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