Friday, April 24, 2009

One Weigh at a Time and Fitness Friday

One Weigh at a Time

It's weigh in day! I went from 183 to 182.6. Not the big weight loss that I had last week but I know it's because I didn't get to exercise. I was sick all week and didn't want to push it and make myself worse. I am happy that I kept to my strategy regarding food this week. I kept to my calorie goals and journaled each day.

I would like to lose another 10 pounds by my birthday. I am hoping that I feel better so I can exercise next week! So let's see if I can actually lose 2 pounds by next Friday!


Auntie E said...

A little stays off longer. have a nice day.

Silvs said...

yaaaaay! congrats!

Latina On a Mission said...

Yay! That is wonderful news, slowly but surely. I'm also part of Wii Mommies just haven't been doing it as I should but so excited I got the Jillian 2009 workout. Heard its really good. Will let you know on Friday! Ms. Latina

Jessie said...

Thanks ladies!

Ms. Latina, Let me know how you like the Jillian workout. I am waiting to get EA Active Sports for the Wii. I want to join there 30 day challenge!

Latina On a Mission said...

I did it once and I am still limping thats how tough she is! No wonder she does the Biggest Loser LOL The log jumps (Squats) were the hardest for me but I was so into it when I did it that I didn't feel it at the time. On another note, have you joined the Wii Mommy forums? I joined but still not sure how to use them. Let me know if you do! Bueno me voy a dormir! Tweet you mananaa

Jessie said...

I'm going to have to pick that up! It's always seems to be the toughest workouts that you don't feel until later. I guess it's right when they say no pain no gain!

I joined the wii forums but haven't used them yet either!

Colleen said...

stopping by from wii mommies...slow and steady wins the race! I have had weeks with just a pound or no loss...but that steady loss is what counts! Keep up the good work!

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