Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wordless Wednesday- My Little Diva

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The job hunt continues...

Job hunting has become my new "9-to-5" job right now. I am searching the job boards online daily and looking over ads in the newspapers. My recycling pile has grown as a result of this!

Today Women for Hire held a career fair in NYC. I arrived at 9 AM to find the line stretched down the block. Since the fair was scheduled to start at 10 AM, I ran across the street to get a Caramel Machiatto from Starbucks. I figured I should treat myself to something nice and warm because I knew I was going to be outside on that line for a long time.

It was really cold today but the mood was pretty upbeat as we all waited to be allowed inside. A cab driver riding down the block spotted someone he knew on the line and asked what was going on. When the cabbie's friend responded "job fair", the cabbie gave his buddy the thumbs up and told him he would get the job. We also had vendors trying to sell us gloves and hand warmers. I know they made a few bucks off of the freezing crowd! We also had a Mary Kay rep walking up and down the line giving out information. Lots of people passing by asked us what we were lined up for and wished us luck. One of the ladies huddled next to me said we should start telling the people passing by that we were lining up to see the Jonas Brothers!

Once inside, we had to get on another line to hand in our resume and a short form. For three dollars we could have our resume included in a pack that was going to be sent to a variety of employers. I took advantage of that little perk!

After that we entered the main room where all the employers had their tables set up. The place was extremely crowded and I got a little overwhelmed at first. But I made my way around and spoke to as many employers as I could. I got some good feedback from a few of my face-to-face encounters. Many wanted you to submit your resume online. So I have a few sites I need to visit and upload my resume to them.

The most beneficial part of the fair was the free resume critique. I spent some time with a resume expert and got some great tips to tweak and make my resume look fresher. I am so glad I waited on that line! First thing tomorrow morning I will be on the computer putting the advice I got to use on my resume. The woman who critiqued my resume also gave me her business card and told me to e-mail her my resume when I am done with the changes so she can look at it again.

Despite the cold and all the long lines, it was worth the wait to attend this job fair!

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