Tuesday, January 06, 2009

weigh in time- week 1

One Weigh at a Time

A new year and a new start for me in my weight loss journey. I fell off the "diet" wagon and gained back all I had lost. I'm disappointed in myself but I know that I can start again and be successful this time.

My starting weight as of today is: 185.8...

I will be weighing in at the new home of the former meme "Taking it Off Together". The weight loss group now has it's own blog called "OneWeigh at a Time"

So stop by and check out "OneWeigh at a Time" for weight loss tips, support and healthy recipes. The ladies that are a part of this group are so supportive!


ciara said...

welcome back, jessie....i gained right after i hit my first mini-goal. but new year, new blog, so it's a do-over.

clara and i took over the meme when leigh no longer could. then she and i wanted to do more hence the new blog was born lol

btw i wish i weigh what you do right now. that's what i weighed when i moved here to cali. then i gained 40 lbs!

He And Me + 3 said...

what a great idea...I really need to get motivated.

Clara said...

I think do-overs are the best. Don't be discouraged. The holidays are hard for everyone. You'll have it off in no time.

Julie said...

Good Luck!! We are all here for you. We can all do this together!

Jessie said...

I'm glad that I'm back on board again. I need to get healthy and fit. Also glad to have the support from you ladies!

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