Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Taking off Together Tuesday #13

I did not get to report in for Taking it off Together Tuesday because I had a horrible cold all week and didn't have the energy to go to my Mom's to weigh myself. I have a feeling I may have gained because my jeans are feeling a little tight :( However I did try on a pair of Joey's jeans that I used to wear post-pregnancy and I am happy to say that they were way to loose for me to wear! Sooooooooooo I have come a long way! 

Here is the official report for Taking it Off Together Tuesday hosted by">Leigh:
Last week we announced a contest where everyone who reported a LOSS had their name added to a drawing for a lot of 100 Mary Kay samples! The motivation worked! Nearly everyone reported a loss this week. So we will have the same contest this week. Just remember that maintaining doesn't count, sorry!
The names of this week's "losers" were dropped into a coffee cup and this week's WINNER is">Ciara>!
And check it out! We had an over all loss again this week! Congrats to">Cheryl</a> for being this week's biggest loser of 4 pounds!! Be sure to cruise over to her blog and congratulate her!
And please give a warm welcome to">Steph who lost 2 pounds this last week!


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