Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Walk by Faith...

Today I was reminded that I need to refocus and set my eyes back on the promises of God. With all the hectic days I've had lately and some personal issues, I lost sight of some things. I took Julia to school this morning and the boys stayed home with Hubby. I always take one of the boys with me, so this was a welcome break. After I dropped Julia off, I walked to Dunkin Donuts and got a coffee. When I left Dunkin Donuts I felt compelled to walk further down instead of crossing the street to catch the bus. The walk cleared my head of negative thoughts and in the quiet I felt God speaking to me. I felt calm and renewed in spirit so I put on my Ipod and hit the shuffle button. The songs that came on were further evidence that God was laying a message on my heart. The first song was from the Christ Tabernacle Choir, "My Heart Belongs to You" It ends with Maria Durso speaking about her testimony and it reminded me that no matter what the circumstances are I am a child of God and no one can take that from me! The 2nd song was "You are Not Forgotten" by Israel and the New Breed. The lyrics pierced my heart because I have felt lost lately. Being reminded that God does not forget us was a very powerful message and just what I needed to hear. As I listened to that song on the bus I closed my eyes and praised God. Then the next 2 songs were "walk by Faith" and "Restored" by Jeremy Camp. I am so thankful for the feeling of restoration and the reminder to walk by faith!


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