Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Jr+no favorite blanket+Daddy working the graveyard shift= NO SLEEP!!! This weekend Joey started working as a doorman and of course his shift is the graveyard shift (12AM-8AM). That same weekend I had to wash Jr.'s favorite blanket and since we have no dryer it meant no blankie for Jr. that night. We have a substitute blanket but it's not the same as his favorite fluffly bear blankie that used to be Julia's! So not having his blanket or his Daddy to put him to sleep made for along night for me and Jr. He would not fall asleep and since he wasn't sleeping, Joshua decided to join the party. I thought I was going to go crazy from lack of sleep! The only good thing was that Jr. wasn't crying hysterically, he just wanted to play all night with his little brother. It had been a long weekend for me and I really just wanted to sleep. Thank goodness he has his blanket back! Even though he doesn't have Daddy to put him to bed he still went to sleep at a normal time with the return of his favorite blankie! Now this doesn't mean I'm getting any sleep because I can't sleep without Hubby home either...but at least I'm not chasing the boys around!


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