Sunday, April 20, 2008

My Little Monkey

So my little man, Jr., scared me so badly the other day! I heard this piercing, gut wrenching scream while I was doing the dishes. I ran in the direction of the wail to hear Julia screaming about how Jr. climbed all the way to the top of both window guards! Yes, we have two window guards on each window to prevent the boys from climbing up and yet Jr. still managed to do it! Thank God he climbed down on his own (and didn't fall) before I saw him with my own eyes and freaked out. Hubby happened to be outside at the time to witness the little monkey's feat.

It is crazy to me how active Jr. and Joshua are! Julia never climbed on anything. She is never still but climbing and jumping off stuff is not her thing. The boys on the other hand, find new ways to give me a heart-attack every day! I don't know how I have not lost 20 pounds yet since I spend most of my day chasing these little daredevils around all day!


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