Thursday, April 03, 2008

Have you ever seen the Ikea commercial where the Mom gives herself a timeout? The kids are fighting and the Mom announces that someone needs a time out. She proceeds to march herself into the bedroom, closes the door and sits on a lounger to have a "time out".
That commercial made me smile and at the same time yearn for my own time out. I love my babies but there are days were I would like just five minutes of peace. The chaos, the fighting and the mess are so overwhelming at times. I find myself standing in the middle of the living room amongst the mess with one baby in my arms, another wrapped around my leg and my daughter talking non-stop. That's when I feel a scream bubbling up, wanting to escape!
However at night when they are asleep and look like little angels a part of me misses the craziness. I enjoy the silence but can't help kissing their sweet little faces and I wait for the morning to start the "madness" all over again.


Melissa said...

Oooh nice page sis. I like.

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