Thursday, April 09, 2009

Happy Easter!

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Philippians 3:10 (New International Version)

10I want to know Christ and the power of his resurrection and the fellowship of sharing in his sufferings, becoming like him in his death

Easter is an exciting time of year. It's spring time and hopefully the weather is beautiful. There are Easter Egg hunts, eggs to color and decorate, baskets to give out to the kiddies with lots of chocolate and jelly beans and nice outfits to wear to church and Easter dinner. We all get so busy this time of the year with all the activities and preparations and sometimes we lose sight of the true message of Easter. Easter is not about the bunny, even though he is really cute and it's fun to eat the chocolate version!

Julia's homework assignment over Easter break is to tell someone she doesn't know the true meaning of Easter. She is so excited and nervous. She wanted to go to the park that very day to tell this special story to someone. We didn't get to venture out that day, but this weekend she is preparing to find someone to tell about the "power of His resurrection."

I am so proud that she has such a thirst and hunger to share God's word. We should all be this excited and let everyone know that Jesus gave the ultimate sacrifice for our sins! When was the last time you felt excited to spread the word of God? I hope that Julia will carry her love of God always. I hope she always has that zeal to run out and talk about her love of God.

So this weekend spread the good news! Tell someone about God's love and Jesus's ultimate sacrifice. Tell the story of the ressurection...

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Flickering Pixels by Shane HIpps- Blog Tour

As part of The Blog Tour Spot's latest tour, I am participating in a sponsored discussion of "Flickering Pixels" by Shane Hipps. 

This book was very interesting to read. The tag line on the cover says "How Technology Shapes Our Faith". He makes a lot of interesting points about technology throughout the ages and how the changing technologies have shapes our faith throughout history. 
One section that resonated with me was about e-conflict. The author wrote about how many people are trying to resolve conflicts through e-mail instead of face to face contact. He believes it is better to resolve contact in person than via e-mail. I know many times I have written a long e-mail to try and resolve a dispute and often the e-mail has lead to more misunderstanding. Has this ever happened to you? Would you rather resolve conflict in person or via e-mail?
Read more about the book below.
Flickering Pixels by Shane Hipps.
flickering-pixelsThe Deep, Hidden Powers of our Technology
How Technology shapes Faith and Culture
Flickering pixels are the tiny dots of light that make up the screens of life – from TVs to computers to cell phones. They are nearly invisible, but they change us, according to author Shane Hipps.
In his new book aptly titled, Flickering Pixels he takes readers beneath the surface of things to see how the technologies we use end up using us.
Not all is dire, however, as Hipps shows us that these hidden things have far less power to shape us when they aren’t hidden anymore. He adds, “we are only puppets of our technology if we remain asleep; Flickering Pixels will wake us up-and nothing will look the same again.”
As author, pastor and speaker, Hipps began his professional life in the corporate world as a strategic planner in advertising. It was here that he first gained experience in understanding media and culture and began to unravel the subtle secrets of electronic culture and the hidden ways it shapes culture, faith and the church.
Uncomfortable convincing consumers that a product or service could meet their spiritual and emotional needs, he up and left advertising for seminary school and quickly realized the many ways in which his previous training and knowledge translated to understanding the challenges facing the church.
As the follow-up to The Hidden Power of Electronic Culture (May 2006), which was written specifically for those in church leadership, this is not another heavy-drenched book on technology. Instead, Flickering Pixels explores the role of media and messaging in faith, community, worship and the future of the church.
Hipps believes few people truly understand the many hidden forces at work in our culture shaping our life of faith. He contends that everything from cell phones to blogs to television and radio are constantly barraging today’s minds with ideas that can subtly alter perceptions, ideas and belief systems.
Hipps argues that all media have a hidden bias with the power to subtly shape nearly every aspect of life. Using examples from today’s popular media, including Desperate Housewives, Saturday Night Live and many others, Flickering Pixels encourages readers to ask questions and carefully interpret media of all kinds with discerning minds and authentic hearts to best understand the implications today’s electronic culture has for faith, the gospel and the church.
shanehippsAbout the Author:
Shane Hipps is pastor of Trinity Mennonite Church-a missional, urban, Anabaptist congregation. Before earning a Master of Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary, he was a strategic planner in advertising where he gained expertise in understanding media and culture. Shane speaks nationally and lives with his wife, Andrea, in Phoenix, Arizona.
Learn more about Shane at
Flickering Pixels
Release: Feb 2009
Soft cover, 208 pp., $16.99, Hardcover
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 0310293219

Monday, April 06, 2009

Not Me Monday


Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I have not neglected my blog because my computer is so slow that I would like to throw it out the window and watch it break into a million pieces. It does not take a page a whole hour to load on my computer. I have also not been begging for a laptop even though it is not in our budget. I did not look over the Sunday ads and show hubby all the sales they are having for laptops.

 Joshua did not drink all of my virgin frozen mango daiquiri on Saturday while we were having dinner at a cool little Mexican restaurant in Downtown Brooklyn (first time we took the kiddies to a restaurant!) 

I also did not miss the last hour and a half of Monsters Vs. Aliens 3D because Jr. decided he did not want to stay still in the packed movie theater. I did not have to chase him around the lobby for the hour and a half that I could have been enjoying the movie with the rest of the family and I did not waste $15 that I paid for my movie ticket to hear 3 teens talk about their myspace pages while chasing Jr. around!!!

Oh and when I saw the preview for Star Trek on the big screen the trekkie in me didn't get super excited. I mean I have seen the preview soooooooooooooooooo many times before!

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